Sam Faiers opens up about her RARE London collection, her Christmas plans and advice to mums

The yummy mummy looks gorgeous modelling Rare London x Sam Faiers Party Edit

Sam Faiers ITVBe series The Mummy Diaries, which follows her life as a mum to baby Paul, has started again and already has people talking!

We got to have a chat with Sam about her collaboration with RARE London called Rare London x Sam Faiers Party Edit, breastfeeding Paul on This Morning and her holiday plans…

So you’ve teamed up with RARE LONDON for a party edit collection, we’ve had a look and they look gorgeous: what inspired you to create this collection?

"It’s my sort of party picks so stuff that I would wear out or stuff that’s reflects my personality and I think that all the bits that I’ve chosen are really great for party season."

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

"There’s a couple that I love but my favourite has got to be a maroon mini dress that has a rose gold belt and a matching choker – it’s really nice."

If you’re going on a night out what would you typically wear?

"Probably like a nice dress. From the collection there’s a lovely dark blue velvet with gold buttons and shoulder pads. It’s really sexy but smart at the same time."

Are there Christmas party dresses in the collection?

"Yeah, definitely. Most of them for me are for parties because they are really lovely – there’s a really great sequin one in the collection as well."

Would you say your fashion has changed since becoming a mum? And if so, how?

"Yeah, it definitely has. I think not only have I grown up more but also for when the baby’s around and I’m breastfeeding but I wouldn’t say I feel less fashionable I would say the style is more comfy."

So the Mummy Diaries has started and lots of people have noticed that your mum-in-law Gaynor is very hands on and involved with baby Paul, do you like that?

"Yeah, it’s amazing having the support of my family and Paul’s family. It’s so nice to have close family to be there for you when you have your first baby - you need that support."

You breastfeed Paul on This Morning and people have praised you online which is great, do you feel that women should be more comfortable publicly breastfeeding?

"There’s always a massive thing about it but I don’t really see it as a big deal. I just think if it’s your baby you feed them. It’s the same as a bottle for a baby, if they need feeding their mum gets the bottle out and feeds them."

Congratulations to your sister Billie who is expecting baby number two we heard you’re feeling broody when are you planning on expanding your family?

"Probably not this year, maybe next year or the year after."

Paul is literally the cutest baby ever, what’s his personality like?

"He’s really cheeky, he’s always laughing he’s just a happy little soul."

How do you decide on Paul’s fashion style?

"I just think it’s his little style. Me and Paul really like that traditional, old fashion look on babies."

The former reality star also opened up about her holiday plans: “I’m at my mums for Christmas Day we’re having a quiet one, having dinner and just chilling out because I’m going away for New Years for the baby’s birthday and for my birthday.”

Sam also revealed that when travelling she prefers her to use her baby carrier, because when you’re holding your child: “They want to see that you’re there but at the same time, you’ve got both hands free for something else you need.”

Do you and Billie plan holidays together?

"Yeah we go away together all the time - we love it."

What’s it like going on holiday with babies? Do you still go to restaurants etc?

"It’s definitely harder because obviously you plan around the babies' bed ime. So usually we go out for dinner earlier and then go home put the babies to bed and then we’ll probably stay up a bit longer in the hotel room or villa. But the last few holidays we’ve had villa so it’s a lot easier with the kids because you can put them to bed and then carry on the night at home."

Do you have any beauty secrets for mums who are always running around after kids?

"I like Chanel mousse it gives your face a really healthy colour. I don’t wear a full face unless we’ve got work. I literally just put the bare minmum."

And finally do you have any advice for mums with young kids out there?

"I think on social media at the moment everyone is always quick to comment or judge and I just think when you’re a parent you’ve got to do it your own way and find your own feet. You’re your babie's mum at the end of the day, you know best. I think people listen too much to the negative comments on social media."

You can have a look at Sam’s Party Edit here.

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