Sarah Beeny: 'My boobs are bigger than my head!'

TV presenter Sarah Beeny talks to Closer about being a sex symbol, losing weight and turning 40

Originally published 16 February 2009;

Since she burst on to our screens in Property Ladder, Sarah Beeny has wowed viewers with her curvaceous figure.

But she’s surprisingly tiny in the flesh.

“I get that all the time,” she laughs. “People come up to me in the street and say: ‘Oh my God! You must have lost about 5st, you’re so thin!’ It’s because I’ve been pregnant a lot on the show.”

Sarah, 37, had her third child, Rafferty, eight months ago, but she’s already back in her size 10 clothes. She says:

“It took me six months to lose my baby weight – the trick is to ditch faddy diets.”

“It took me six months to lose my baby weight – the trick is to ditch faddy diets.”

Sarah – who was a size 14 at her largest – enjoys cereal for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch and fish and vegetables for dinner. “I try to be healthy, but when I take the kids to Pizza Express, I do have treats,” she

But the presenter – who has three sons, Billy, four, Charlie, two, and Rafferty with her hubby, artist Graham Swift, 36 – says she’ll never lose her “humongous” boobs.

She laughs: “Everyone’s obsessed with my boobs. When I was 15, I begged my father for a breast reduction because I was embarrassed. Later, my husband persuaded me out of it. But sometimes I see myself on TV and think: ‘They’re bigger than my head – like watermelons!’”

Sarah – founder of dating website My Single Friend – doesn’t know why she’s been labelled a sex symbol. She says: “I think it’s my bossy, dominatrix personality that turns people on. Graham says: ‘If they knew you, they
wouldn’t call you a sex symbol!’ I do look hideous without my clothes on!”

Although Sarah says Graham – who she met at 19 – is her best friend, she admits their relationship has its ups and downs.

“I’m not really in love with my husband, he’s a bit annoying, really,” she jokes, before adding: “Highs and lows make a relationship interesting – and I love making up after an argument!”

Sarah, whose mother died from cancer at 39, turns 40 in three years. But she no longer fears reaching the milestone. She says: “I’ve always had a ‘40’ issue, but now I’m looking forward to it. Graham says I improve with age, which is so lovely. I feel about 26!”

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