Size 10 Josie Gibson: ‘I’m slim now – but it’s been a slog!’

Josie Gibson reaches her size 10 weight-loss target, but admits it’s tough cutting out treats and booze

Her weight has yo-yoed over the past couple of years, but last week, Josie Gibson showed off the stunning results of her 6st weight loss at a party at Sway nightclub in London.

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'She's had to totally change her lifestyle... she doesn't even drink much anymore'

The 5ft 10 reality star has gradually lost 6st since winning Big Brother in 2010, taking her down to a size 10 and 10½st.

And friends say Josie – who’s set to release a fitness DVD she’s making with her trainer, James Stark – is thrilled with her incredible new figure.

A source reveals: “Josie says she feels amazing – it really is an unbelievable transformation from the size 16 girl she was earlier this year. She’s so proud of what she’s achieved – it’s given her a total confidence boost.

“But it’s been a real slog. She found herself standing right next to the chocolate fountain at the party! It was hard to ignore, but she managed it.

“She’s had to totally change her lifestyle – Josie was telling people at the party that she doesn’t even drink much any more. She said being slim is great, but joked that her nights in with takeaways are a thing of the past now.”

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After leaving the Big Brother house, Josie went from 16st and a size 18 to 13½st and a size 12-14. Her weight has since yo-yoed, but the star, from Bristol, was motivated to trim down after seeing an unflattering bikini pic of herself in Ibiza in May. At the time, she was a size 16 and said: “I look like a beast.”

After throwing herself into a diet and exercise regime, she managed to get down to a size 14. And in June, Josie, 27, told Closer: “I’ve cut out dairy products, and I eat more healthily now. No junk, just loads of fish, avocado and salad…I know what I’m supposed to eat, but it’s not always easy.”

'I want to do it all healthily. I don't want to look withdrawn and ill'

Now sources say she’s also eating six small meals a day, and has cut out alcohol apart from on “special occasions.”
She snacks on pineapple, oatcakes and cottage cheese.

A pal reveals: “Between meals, Josie tries to curb hunger pangs by eating big bowls of salad, which fill her up without adding up to many calories. She only stocks the fridge with healthy stuff, to avoid temptation, and is really strict with herself to avoid falling back into bad habits.”

She now works out four times a week, doing “primal interval training” – a series of 30-second bursts of exercise – which has toned her legs and helped to boost her metabolism.

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Josie, who is engaged to plumber Luke Sanwo, 25, previously said in an interview that her target was “a comfortable size 10.” But she added: “I want to do it all healthily. I don’t want to look withdrawn and ill.”

And pals say having a wedding to plan is all the motivation she needs. A source adds: “Josie’s determined to look her best on her wedding day – she wants to look stunning when she walks down the aisle. Whenever she’s struggling with her diet, that’s what’s keeping her going.”

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