Stephanie Davis: "I can give our son the life Jez never had"

Ex celeb BB star Steph Davis slams ex Jeremy McConnell in recent interview

Celeb BB star, soon-to-be mum and professional deleter of ranty tweets Stephanie Davis still seems to be still heartbroken at ex Jeremy McConnell, who she says the father of the baby.

After a tumultuous relationship in the Celebrity Big Brother house whereby Steph and Jeremy got together despite Steph having a boyfriend on the outside, the pair split up after numerous Twitter spats (which were then hastily deleted) and some highly suspect videos.

There was also speculation for a while that Steph wasn't actually pregnant, but this has been firmly proven wrong after she shared a number of photos of her growing bump and discussed how she was feeling with fans.

As ever, Steph spoke out about her ex Jeremy who appears to want nothing to do with her or the baby: 'He doesn’t deserve to be there,' she said. 'I don’t think he wants to be there either. I don’t think I could ever forgive him for how he’s been.’

She continued: 'I used to send him scan photos but he doesn’t care and he never has. It’s just me and my son now. I never thought he’d be that type of guy.'

Sadly, Steph also went on to say how she 'really did love' Jez, and tried to patch things up at least to the point where her ex wouldn't be 'missing out' on getting access to his son.

'I can give our son the life Jez never had and hope that he’ll be a better person. It’s easier to let go of Jeremy because I’ve still got part of him with me in our son.

'It’s heartbreaking because I feel like I’ve let my baby down because I couldn’t give him both parents.'

Jeremy, on the other hand, seems to be getting to know another Big Brother alumni - having been spotted kissing Charlie Doherty on the doorstep of his Dublin home last week.


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