Stephanie Davis reveals shocking moment Caben-Albi was rushed to the hospital

Stephanie Davis lived every mum's nightmare and had to rush Caben-Albi to hospital

Former CBB runner up Stephanie Davis has opened up about a scary incident which left her rushing her adorable two-month-old son Caben-Albi to hospital.

The mum-of-one gave birth to her beautiful baby boy on January 13. Announcing the news on social media she posted a photo of her little boy and wrote: "The day my world became complete. I've been overwhelmed and so in love with you. Words could never describe. Thank you for all your support!"

After it was confirmed by a DNA test that Jeremy McConnell is Caben's biological father the pair have been almost inseparable. Jeremy has been staying in Liverpool so the pair can co-parent their son.

Steph and Jeremy have revealed they're currently co-parenting their son Caben-Albi (Credit: Getty Images & stephaniedavis88

Steph's spokesperson confirmed the news, saying: "At the present time they're co-parenting and it works. Together they're discussing Caben's wants and needs and deciding what's best.

"Caben will always be their number one priority and being the best parents to their little boy is paramount to them," they told the Mirror.

And now, just two months after welcoming their little one into the world the former Hollyoaks actress has opened up about rushing her son to the hospital after his face turned blue from a blocked nose. Reliving the day, she said: "The day before Jeremy met him, I was at home with my mum and aunt and Caben was struggling to breathe and held his breath for a few seconds, which was quite scary.

Steph revealed Caben-Albi has a blocked nose problem (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke)

"He turned a little bit blue round his nose and mouth for a few seconds due to having a blocked nose.

"I scooped him up in my arms and we rushed him to hospital. As soon as we got to A&E the doctors immediately stuck tubes up his nose to relive his passageways and admitted him to the ward," she told OK! magazine.

Steph and Jez stayed at the hospital so they could be close to their little one. Fortunately, the doctors are hoping Caben will outgrow the problem with his blocked up nose.

Jeremy recently shared his second photo with his son (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke)

Steph admitted Caben's illness has taken a toll of her: "I'm barely sleeping because I'm worrying about him all the time – I'm completely drained."

The former CBB stars relationship has dramatically changed since their Twitter feud fights, Steph supported her ex at his father's funeral and the actress recently admitted she wants more children with Jeremy. Opening up she told NOW magazine: "I can't wait to give Caben a brother or sister in the future.

"I want my kids to have the same dad. That’s ideally what anyone wants. No one wants kids in a broken home. I’d want the same family."

We're so happy Steph and Jeremy have finally put their differences aside.

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