It looks like things have taken a turn for the worst for Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have unfollowed each other on Twitter following Ex on the Beach rumours

Things were finally settled between Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis but they've both recently unfollowed each other off Instagram and Steph has stopped following Jez on Twitter.

After there were rumours that the CBB stars were dating again a spokesperson for the former Hollyoaks actress revealed they're co-parenting their son Caben-Albi. They said: "Stephanie wants to address the rumours that have been reported in the press over the last few days regarding herself and Jeremy.

"At the present time they're co-parenting and it works. Together they're discussing Caben's wants and needs and deciding what's best.

"Caben will always be their number on priority and being the best parents to their little boy is paramount to them," they told the Mirror.

Steph and Jeremy are co-parenting their son Caben-Albi (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88)

In the recent weeks we've seen the pair reunited on a family day out, Steph stepped in and supported the father of her child during his father's funeral, the pair spent the night at the hospital following their son's illness and Steph revealed she wanted more children with Jez.

But that seems to have all changed because the reality stars have now unfollowed each other on social media amid claims that Jeremy is heading onto Ex on the Beach. An insider recently told Closer magazine that the 24-year-old is feeling anxious about his taking part in the reality show.

They said: "Steph is a bit nervous about Jeremy being on the show. She knows what he's like after a few drinks and she's worried he could embarrass her.

Both of Steph's ex-boyfriends could be heading onto Ex on the Beach (Credit: Instagram / sam reece & Twitter / Stephaniedavis77)

"She is also stressed about seeing him flirting with other girls – they're not an item, but bonding over their baby recently has healed the rift between them.

"Steph worries she might feel a pang of jealousy and it will cause problems."

And now a source has told the Sun Online that Steph "has not been happy for some time" with Jez's career plans.

The Irish model is rumoured to be heading into the next series of Ex on the Beach and Steph's ex-boyfriend Sam Reece is apparently "in talks" with the show. Although everyone was eager for Steph to confront Jez on the show she admitted she's not taking part in any reality programmes.

The actress has recently spoke about the emotional moment Jeremy met his son for the first time: "He spent ages just looking at Caben and then he got very emotional and started welling up.

Jeremy was very emotional when he met his son for the first time (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke)

"I gave him a hug, but he was hiding his face from me so I wouldn’t see him crying," she told OK! magazine.

The yummy mummy also admitted that although she didn't think they'd ever be able to forgive each other following their turbulent relationship "having Caben around has changed everything."


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