Stephanie Davis reveals she and Jeremy McConnell are giving up alcohol in emotional Twitter rant

Steph and Jeremy recently reunited after his stint in rehab

Stephanie Davis has tweeted and deleted a cryptic message about cheating and has now confessed that both she and Jeremy McConnell cannot drink alcohol anymore.

The former Hollyoaks actress exclusively opened up to Closer magazine and admitted she plans to marry and have more children with Jeremy McConnell. She told the publication: "I know a lot has happened and it might seem strange to some people, but me and Jez have always loved each other.

"The love never went away between us and we've both done things we regret, but hopefully this can be our fresh start.

"I finally feel like things are falling into place and we both adore Caben."

Steph recently opened up to Closer magazine on her future plans (Credit: Closer magazine)

The mum-of-one and her boyfriend have had a turbulent relationship; from Jez denying he's Caben-Albi's father, to allegedly assaulting Steph and then the actress revealed he has a drug problem, they been through a lot.

The Irish model has recently finished his rehab stint but now Steph has worried fans after she deleted a cryptic tweet. It read: "Someone who gives you and doesn't answer, don't I. There beat a cheat n always n in."

She has since announced on Twitter that she cannot drink alcohol because she "destroys people's lives". In an emotional message, she explained: "Honest note to myself.

"I can't drink because it ruins my life. I keep things in. I destroy people's lives.

"Me and Jeremy can't drink. And won't be drinking again. It's been hard for me to admit and accept."

Steph explained to fans that she's proud of Jeremy (Credit: Twitter / stephdavis77)

She continued: "I'm a good mother and a good person but alcohol doesn't agree with my life. It's a chemical imbalance.

"I hate that my life is in the media, but I can't lie and keep this in."

The CBB star went on to explain that her priorities are her family and although has hurt people close to her she is hoping for a happy future.

She added: "I love Jeremy and my son. There [sic] all that matters. I feel a relief for being honest and hope you all understand."

Steph has admitted that she and Jeremy will no longer drink alcohol (Credit: Twitter / stephdavis77)

Steph then went on to explain that she's proud of Jeremy going to rehab but is "sick" of seeing herself in the press.

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