Jeremy McConnell claims Stephanie Davis is pregnant with their second child

Jeremy McConnell has made the startling claim that Stephanie Davis is PREGNANT with their second child

Jeremy McConnell has claimed that Stephanie Davis is pregnant with their second child.

The extremely unexpected news follows a dramatic weekend which saw Steph Davis arrested for GBH after she and Jeremy got into a drunken brawl in a London hotel after a day of drinking.

Jeremy made the shocking claims in an interview with MailOnline.

He told them: "The pregnancy was not planned and given our history together took me by surprise."

Before adding: "I was pleased, but still in a bit of a shock."

You can say that again!

Jeremy claims that Steph told his she was pregnant on Saturday, just before they started arguing.

In a separate interview with, he claimed: “The argument started because she was drinking and smoking when she knew she was pregnant,”

“I was like, ‘what are you doing?’ I was pissed off as anyone would be. She was erratic, just crazy.”

Steph appeared to be cradling a baby bump in pictures taken on Tuesday (Credit: FLYNET)

In his interview with MailOnline, Jeremy also revealed new details about the couple’s explosive fight.

He said: "She was jumping on the bed and the wooden post snapped off. She picked it up and hit me across the face. It knocked me down, and I think I passed out for a bit because when I came round the police were already in the room."

And despite the fact that pictures have since emerge of Steph covered in cuts and bruises, Jeremy has insisted he didn't touch her.

"I swear I never laid a finger on her. I do not hit women and do not hit pregnant women. I did not touch her," he protested.

Steph gave birth to her first child earlier this year (Credit: FLYNET)

If true, this will be the couple’s second child together. Their first - Caben-Albi - was born in January.

Jeremy denied Caben-Albi was his throughout Steph's pregnancy, and only finally took responsibility in February after a paternity test confirmed the news.

While Jeremy has given several interviews, Stephanie Davis is yet to comment on any of these allegations.

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