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TOWIE's Lauren Goodger discusses abortion

Lauren Goodger has announced that she has aborted a child she conceived with ex-fiancé Mark Wright.

The 24 year old TOWIE star told a source that she fell pregnant at the age of 20, with the duo making a group decision that they were too young and not ready to become parents.

During an interview with OK! Magazine, the reality TV star discussed her thoughts on her recent split from Mark. Whilst revealing her past abortion, she also discussed her fear that she might be pregnant once again.

Lauren Goodger Mark Wright

She said: ‘I did think I was pregnant. I’m not on the Pill and haven’t been for a little while, just because of my cells, not because I was planning a baby and thank God we didn’t.’

She went on to say: ‘I was late once and I think it was the stress of what was going on. I’ve been pregnant before with his baby but I chose not to have it. I was only 20. No one knows except my close family.’

'I've been pregnant before with his baby but I chose not to have it. I was only 20'

Miss. Goodger continued by insisting she would never get back together with Mark, despite their many attempts to make it work in the past.

Following on from the interview, a feisty conversation between the pair began on twitter, with Mark beginning the tweet-off, saying: ‘After all those years. Disgraceful if u ask me. What money does 4 some people.’

Lauren responded by saying: ‘Karma gets us all that’s y u hav done loads interviews on me last 3weeks!!Lyin also! U r the money grabber not me Im aloud 2 stick up 4myself.’

Mark replied stating he'd ‘never earned a penny’ from interviews and to tell Lauren to ‘keep being bitter I wnt bite.’

This then prompted Lauren to say: ‘Hav some class I never tweeted once when u lied about me in 100 interviews I've held my dignity, cos I've stuck up for myself u don't like it!’

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