Towie’s Sam Faiers: ‘
People say I 
look old, but bare-faced I look 18!’

TOWIE star Sam Faiers looks a world away from her heavily made-up TV persona.

Proudly flaunting her natural look for Closer’s exclusive naked shoot, it’s hard to believe the reality TV star has been subjected to cruel jibes about looking older than her 22 years – with one newspaper article comparing her to Mark Wright’s 52-year-old mum Carol, after Sam opted 
for a similar bob hairstyle.

But while she admits such comments “hurt,” confident Sam says: “I don’t get that much abuse, I’ve been pretty lucky.

“Some people think I look older, but I don’t think it’s my face – without make-up, I’ve actually got a young face. I think

I look about 18! People only think I’m older because of me being on TV, owning a business, a house. I’ve grown up more than other people might have at this age.”

'I would get a boob job – but not until I’ve had the four kids I want!'

As our fresh-faced shoot proves, Sam is comfortable without her war paint – and says she wouldn’t turn to Botox until she’s 40.

But the reality star reveals that she’d like to follow in the footsteps of her surgically enhanced TOWIE pals and would consider work on her natural 32D chest.

She explains: “I’ve not got massive boobs, so I would get a boob job – but not until I’ve had the four kids I want!

“I told Joey: ‘After four, you’ll have to treat me!’ I’ve always thought about it, but friends tell me they change so much with pregnancy, there’s no point getting them done now.

“Plus Joey is so against all that, I wouldn’t until it’s needed. I wouldn’t go huge. I’d probably stay a D cup, but firmer!”
While curvy Sam has a healthy attitude towards her body, she’d like to tone up after gaining a little weight over the last year.

The 5ft 6 former glamour model currently fluctuates between 9 and 10st and attributes gaining a few extra pounds to being happy and content with Joey, also 22.

Sam Faiers ladder

She tells Closer: “I’ve never been 
self-conscious. OK, I’m not stick-thin 
or toned, but it’s not a big thing for me.

“A year ago I was a size 8. Now I’m a year older and comfortable in my relationship, so I’ve gained some weight and I’m a size 10.

“We both love our food and when I have time off, I want to spend it relaxing with Joey, not exercising. It’s our busy lifestyle, too, grabbing sandwiches and takeaways.

“When we’re on holiday in May, I won’t worry about eating healthily, but maybe when I go away in the summer with the girls, I’ll think about it more.

'Before, I stayed in shape more by diet than exercise, now I want it the other way round so I can eat more!'

“I want a personal trainer because I need motivation. Before, I stayed in shape more by diet than exercise, now I want it the other way round so I can eat more!”

Sam’s previously revealed she suffers from a compulsive disorder that causes her to pull her eyelashes out – which means she relies on fake lashes and heavy make-up for filming.

She explains: “We pile it on for the show 
– if we didn’t have loads of lashes and gloss, it wouldn’t be TOWIE. It’s glam!

“But if wasn’t for TOWIE, I wouldn’t wear make-up. I prefer to ditch the Essex look. 
I don’t even wear eyelashes every day because the glue irritates my eyes.

“I’ll put on some make-up to go for dinner or something, but not much – Joey doesn’t like it, he prefers me natural. Plus when you wear too much you look older because it gets wrinkly under your eyes!”

She adds: “I get it when a mature woman has Botox, but it makes young people look older. I’d maybe consider it at 40 and have 
it once a year.”

They’ve had a break-up and on-screen rows in the past but Sam says that she and Joey are “stronger than ever.”

But while they want kids and marriage, she says there’ll only be a ring on her finger when Joey’s ready – after excruciating scenes last December when he was widely expected to propose on TOWIE’s live episode, but didn’t.

“He’s seen a ring he likes, but it’s up to him when it happens,” she says. “There was too much pressure at Christmas and we were going through a rough patch.

“Now we’re in a really good place. We’re going on my dream holiday to Cape Town 
in May, so I think it could happen then, but he’s too good at letting nothing slip!”

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She adds: “We’re looking forward to getting a flat – we pretty much live together anyway.

“We talk about kids all the time. We’re young, but we both have young parents. 
I’m not saying I want a baby tomorrow, but I’d like them by the time I’m 24/25 so I can get my body back and return to my career.”

It’s rumoured the couple are planning 
to quit TOWIE for their own spin-off show 
– though Sam says they’re happy for now.

But she defends the show against accusations it’s struggling after the departure of a number of big characters – and blasts co-star Mario Falcone for claiming it’s scripted, after he Tweeted earlier this month: “Coronation Street is more reality than TOWIE. […] Me and Little Chris set up our argument in the first episode […] all very scripted!”

Sam hits back: “He’s made himself look stupid – he admitted he had a fake fight. He’s the only one faking it and it’s annoying because the rest of us are showing real things in our lives.

“I don’t think TOWIE is struggling, people just need to get used to new faces.”

She adds: “It’s not that I want to leave, more I don’t know what’s left for me to do. I’ve had my share of arguments and drama, now I’m happy with Joey and that’s probably boring!

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