Victoria Beckham says she and David would no longer be married if she was 'as miserable' as she looks

Victoria Beckham has hit back at the perception that she is 'miserable'.

The former Spice Girl appears on the cover of Vogue Netherlands this month, posing in a swimsuit by Lisa Marie Fernandez, and divulged some of the secrets of her happy marriage and household.

She told the glossy publication: “David and I have a lot of fun together…

“If I really was as miserable as I look in some of those paparazzi pictures, my children wouldn’t be as happy as they are.

“And I certainly wouldn’t be married anymore.”

The Beckhams are a happy bunch (CREDIT: Instagram/victoriabeckham)

We always knew the fashion designer had a killer sense of humour and while she doesn't smile that often, when she does, it's worth the wait.

And Posh Spice didn't stop there with the revelations. She also let us in on her morning routine which includes a VERY early work out and making breakfast for son Romeo.

Victoria finds the time to work out, run a fashion house and still make breakfast for Romeo (CREDIT: Instagram/romeobeckham)

She explained: “I go for a three mile run every morning and I work out for an hour with a PT, which gives me just enough time to get to the kitchen to puree Romeo’s avocados.

“His toast jumps out of the toaster the minute he comes down for breakfast.”

And in terms of facing the aging process she added: “I focus on what I’ve accomplished and I feel blessed.”

Victoria posed like a pro for Vogue Netherlands (CREDIT: Instagram/victoriabeckham)

Words to live by. It sounds like Victoria really CAN have it all. You go girl.

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