Viewers shocked as Gogglebox Tom Malone accidentally SITS on dogs head

Watching Gogglebox is odd when you think about it because you are watching people watch TV - and yet, it's incredibly fascinating. The families seem to watch TV a lot more entertainingly then we do and it's also a clever hack to watch a week's worth of telly in just under an hour.

Especially when we get to watch a bit of that documentary we didn't end up watching because your youngest is going through a 'I will not go to bed until you have broken, mummy' phase.

However, the internet spat out their lemon and ginger tea out of their mouth whilst watching Friday night's Gogglebox and not just because lemon and ginger tea is disgusting.

But because Tom Malone senior appeared to sit on his dog's head during the Channel 4 show. The Malone family were watching Phillip Schofield's new show on the telly '5 Gold Rings' when Tom Malone seemingly sat on his dog. By accident of course.

First Tom went up to point at something on the TV screen...

Then as he goes to sit back down, the viewers spot his dog. Oh wait no, don't sit down!

Oh goodness.

Viewers tweeted their shock including one which read, 'Did he just sit on that dogs head?! #gogglebox,'

We hope the dog is all okay.

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