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10 delicious slow cooker recipes to warm you up this winter

Perfect for a cosy evening in your pjs

It is SO COLD at the moment. Too cold really. Coming home from work at this time of year is just the worst, because it's dark as well.

And it's at that point in the day that you just cannot be bothered to cook anything at all for tea. But you need to, because you're on a diet. Because it's just been Christmas and you feel like you've doubled your body weight.

Fear not - we have come to your culinary aid. We've collected a load of recipes that can be made a in a slow cooker - the ONLY good thing about cold months (yep, we went there). You shove a load of food items in it before you go to work, turn it on and by the time you get home it's transformed into something magnificent without you barely having to lift a finger.

If you're new to this slow cooker business and don't own one, you can a cheap-but-good one here from Amazon for £17.99. It'll even be delivered next day if you get a Prime trial.

1) Garlic butter chicken with potatoes by A Spicy Perspective

Is there ANYTHING better than garlic butter? This perfect blend of flavours will be sure to tickle your tastebuds. Try the recipe here.

2) Minestrone by Yummy Mummy Kitchen

This stalwart of soups can be done in the slow cooker, too. Just chuck in your favourite veggies, some stock and some herbs. Hey presto!

Get this recipe.

3) Baked ziti by The Recipe Rebel

Don't be turned off by the name - you can use penne pasta if you'd like to. In fact, you could use any type of pasta you like. You go Glenn Coco.

Give this a try.

4) Chicken fajita soup by Twisted Food

We know it sounds strange, but it looks super tasty. You can follow the recipe using the video above, but for more recipes by team Twisted, click here for their recipe book on Amazon (£6.99).

5) Teriyaki beef by Your Homebased Mom

If you like to try things that are a little bit different, this recipe for teriyaki beef is perfect for you. You could even swap out the beef for chicken or pork if you'd prefer - see it here.

6) Apple cobbler by McCormick Spice

Don't be fooled into thinking that slow cookers are just for main evening meals. Oh no. You can cook up all sorts in there - even dessert! WE KNOW. Try it here.

7) Spaghetti and meatball soup by Plain Chicken

Soup is so easy to make in a crock pot. It's almost like it was MADE for soups. This fun soup is super tasty - and super simple. Click here for the recipe.

8) Chicken carbonara by Slow Cooking Perfected

Another family favourite, carbonara can be made very easily using regular methods - however, if you know you've got a busy day ahead, it can be so reassuring to know that your tea is on its way. See it here.

9) Porcupine meatballs by The Slow Magical Cookier

Don't panic - this recipe isn't made using porcupines! If your family are big fans of meatballs, this will be a good recipe to try. Give it a go.

10) Sweet caramel french toast casserole by Slow Cooker Gourmet

It is an intriguing idea, making puds in the crock pot. It's very easily done - just follow the recipe here.

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