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Important dessert news: You can now get Angel Delight in ready-to-eat pots!

Angel Delight has had a makeover, and now it's easier to eat than ever

For those of us of a certain age (HIYA!), Angel Delight was a pivotal part of our childhood.

The dessert - which required nothing more than whisking a packet of powder into some milk - was the go-to dessert of tired/ kitchen-phobic parent's and school dinner ladie up and down the country.

But this is 2017, and the makers of Angel Delight have finally realised that they can simplify the process even more.

Angel Delight was the flavour of many childhoods (Credit: Angel Delight)

Yes, we're excited to announce that Angel Delight is now available in handy ready-to-eat pots!

The new pots come in three flavours - strawberry, butterscotch and chocolate - and cost just 50p each (or, they're currently on offer 5 for £2 at Tesco - get there here).

Still, if you're not convinced by these new fangled ready-to-eat pots, but are worried you won't totally nail the old-school DIY version, this handy Angel Delight Youtube tutorial should help you out...

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