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Chocolate crumpets exist and OMG YES PLEASE!

Chocolate crumpets now exist. This is not a drill.

If you're anything like us, when the clock strikes 4pm, you're about ready for a little afternoon snack. But what do you go for? A couple of chocolate biccies? A hot, buttered crumpet?

Well now, you can enjoy a nice chocolate crumpet with your tea-time cuppa.

Exciting, we know!

The insanely scrumptious culinary invention is the work of the good folk at London-based bakery Knead.

Knead's chocolate crumpets deliver a real chocolatey hit (so we've heard). They're made using 70% cocoa, and when toasted, have a naughtily gooey brownie texture.

Chocolate crumpets are the tea-time treat we've been dreaming of (Credit: Instagram/ Felicity Spector)

But the guys are Knead have left their crumpet experimentations there. Other unusual crumpet flavours include lemon and poppy seed, cinammon and raisan, and... wait for it... chocolate orange! Yum, yum and YUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM.

If you wanna get your mouth around one (or, let's be honest, three) of these bad boys, you can find that at the Selfridge's foodhall or on Broadway Market, Hackney.

What would you put on your chocolate crumpet? (Credit: Instagram/ Knead bakery)

Our only questions are: A. What do you put on top of a chocolate crumpet? Nutella? Peanut butter? Strawberry jam? B. Why has no one thought of making chocolate crumpets before?!

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