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Closer Online horoscopes: Your weekly stars with Yasmin Boland

What do the stars have in store for you this week? Let Closer’s Yasmin Boland unveil your horoscope

If you thought your horoscope could only tell you about your personality - or who you ought to date - you were wrong.

Because your zodiac can also tell you a lot of other interesting little titbits as well.

Think your favourite sex position, ideal alcoholic beverage, and dream engagement ring, for starters!

Your star sign can also help you to plan for the week ahead - if you know how to read it, that is.

Thank goodness, then, for Closer astrologer Yasmin Boland, who has examined the stars of the zodiac to bring you your VERY detailed weekly horoscope.

Click below to find out what’s in store for you this week…

If it's your birthday

Make the year ahead about reinventing yourself. It can be done! In fact, you are in a cycle which is all about rebirth. However you have to cast off the past before you can forge yourself a new future, obviously. Right now you can change your life in oh-so many ways, if you're willing to (and if you haven't already done it.)


With apologies to the Aries who don't work, this week has career and ambitions written all over it. There is a New Moon in your 10th House of Career, while Mercury is going backwards there too. This is potentially confusing to say the least. Professionally you may be in a spin. However it's also very exciting. You are getting redefine your career for 2017. How do you want it to play out? Rethinking may be required. You can be a power player.There will be another New Moon very soon – click here to download your free New Moon Wishing Guide.


One of the things for you to work on and think about is how you make your money. You may have a lot of fear around cash at the moment, thanks to Saturn in your celestial 8th House Money Box. It'll be ok – as long as you can learn from whatever is going on. What are you scared of when it comes to cash? Where does that fear come from? If you can break through the fear, you can step into abundance. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


This may not have been the easiest of years for you and your relationships. (Just imagine the tensions in the home of Gemini Donald Trump this year. Can you imagine the off-camera stress we didn't see?) This week you need to be sure you're not being too hard on yourself or your partner, though, if and when there are stresses. The people who annoy you the most this week have the most to teach you. What is your lesson from whatever is happening? There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


There is a New Moon in your Love Zone while Mercury goes backwards in the same part of your chart. There will almost certainly be some confusion going on related to an important relationship this week. Perhaps someone from you past finds you on Facebook or elsewhere. Perhaps you're thinking back to when things were happier with you and your partner. This is the time for you to lay down new ground rules in all your most important relationships, personal or profession. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


How do you want to spend your days in 2017? Are you happy with the way things are or do you want them to change? Perhaps you think it was better in the old days? Whatever you want to change about your daily routines, this is the time to take action. You have the celestial support you need to change the timetable of your life. So how do you want the year ahead (and the future in general) to run? There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


Tread carefully this week if things are a tad tense around you, especially but not only at home. The skies are quite intense. One of the big issues many Virgos have is learning to relax and have fun. If you suspect you're one of those Virgos, use this week to try and remember what it means to be in touch with your inner child. What takes you back? Laughing with friends? Singing? Playing an instrument? Walking outside? Do some more of that. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


Life at home is in focus and perhaps changing. Now is a great time for you to set your intentions regarding what changes you want when it comes to your personal life. If you're rethinking your home somehow, it's the right time to do it. Taking a walk down memory lane, or catching up with someone from your past will make you stop and think about how far you have come, or where you've been. Allow yourself some reflection time. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


There is a loud message in your chart this week. You need to be nicer to yourself. You can't really expect other people to be kind to you if you are mean to yourself. If you are good to yourself, you will start to see the power this has to make your life more stable, as people come to rely on you more and more. The more you believe in yourself, the better your earning power will be too, as a bonus. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


With Saturn in your sign, business either is or should be on your mind. How do you expect others to take you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously? If you work, this is the time to strategise about your career. You have some very powerful celestial influences in your Money Zone right now. It's a cosmic chance to increase your income, if that's something which you would like to do. Perhaps obviously, the first step is to believe in yourself. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


This is a really powerful time for you. Think of yourself as being caught in a magical moment when you can redesign your life, if you haven't done so recently. You have Mercury going backwards in your sign and the New Moon is in Capricorn all at once. Your life is a blank sheet. Decide what you want. Imagine it. Feel it in your body. This is a big moment for Capricorns who know they're forward-creating their life. Make use of it. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


Do you have a spiritual practise and if not, can you see yourself benefiting from one as we move towards 2017? The New Moon in your 12th House this week is the time for you to ask yourself about opening yourself up to the cosmiverse. It will help you in more ways than you can probably imagine. Yoga, chanting or meditating etc isn't for everyone, obviously. But this time of year leaves some people exhausted or lonely, and contemplation can help. There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.


This week you could have an old dream come true, as the New Moon takes place in your 11th House Of Wishes, at the same time as Mercury retrogrades. Be sure you look up at the night skies on December 29 and make a wish for yourself. At work, life could be a bit draining. If you're looking for work, it's important to stay positive. Think about who you know who could help you professionally next year. Who are your best 'connections'? There will be another New Moon very soon – click here.

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