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8 of the best pie recipes to try this evening


One of the most sacred foods in the UK is the humble pie.

Even if you're not Northern where we pretty much pray to the Lord of Pies, you can still appreciate the concept.

They're just so versatile - you could have it for literally any meal in your entire day!

So we have collected eight recipes to warm up your cold evening.

Pork pie

Arguably the best pies originate in Melton Mowbray. But if you're not convinced by the offerings at your local shop and you're not planning a trip to Leicestershire anytime soon, give this recipe by Pipers Farm a go yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Chicken pie

Up there with the most popular of pie choices, the chicken pie is versatile in itself. You could have a creamy chicken pie with leeks bacon, or a gravy-filled one with mushrooms and onions... Our mouths are watering. Click here for The Happy Foodie's recipe.

Fish pie

Not quite as popular amongst the younger generations, a fish pie can contain literally ANY type of fish you like. Don't like haddock? Chuck a cod in instead. Want to add prawns? You do your thing! Try Lucy Loves' recipe here.

Shepherd's pie

The beauty of pies is that they can easily be chopped up and put in your freezer forever and ever. Ok, so not forever, but they definitely last for ages. Traditionally, Shepherd's pie contains lamb mince, whereas Cottage pie contains beef mince. But is any pernickety enough to care anymore? Here is The Pioneer Woman's recipe to try.

Pecan pie

Sorry, but we just couldn't wait to get stuck into the sweeter pies. Pecan pie recipes can date back to 1880s America and it has seriously stood the test of time! Try Lovely Loveday's recipe here.

Chocolate brownie pie

We have been thinking about this pie all day. Honestly. If you are a chocolate lover (who isn't?!), then this dessert will probably be heaven for you. This recipe for Chocolate Brownie Pie is by Love From The Oven.

Cherry pie

Another pie stalwart, cherry pie is a super comforting dish. Perfect with ice cream, custard, whipped cream, or basically anything else, this recipe by Art Of The Pie is super simple to follow - as well as looking INCREDIBLY delicious.

Gluten free paleo vegan chocolate pie

The world of Paleo food has come on such a long way, and many people have found health benefits of following this diet. But no-one, we repeat, NO-ONE should miss out on chocolate, regardless of what diet they're following. Thanks to Healy Eats Real, this recipe for chocolate cream pie is totally paleo, gluten free and vegan!

Will you be trying any of these recipe for National Pie Day? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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