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How to lose weight AND eat pizza

One Instagram user shed the pounds eating pizza every day- but how?

Losing weight whilst eating pizza and doughnuts might sound too good to be true, but one dancer from London found a way to get fit AND treat herself to her favourite foods.

Dancer Courtney Pruce attempted to get toned by eating a low carb diet and spending hours in the gym, but was left with unsatisfying results.

After meeting her sports scientists boyfriend the 20-year-old decided to opt for a high carb diet.

Now she eats her favourite tasty treats and simply swaps out unhealthy ingredients for healthier substitutes by making them at home

Courtney told the Mirror: “As a dancer, your main selling points is your body so it’s really important to look after it and provide it with the right things.

Courtney now feels stronger and more toned (Instagram)
“As girls are attempting to compete with one another the temptation to go on juice fasts or crash diets becomes a lot higher.

“I thought that by eating less and spending more hours at the gym I’d get fit but instead I became tired and felt that working out was a waste of a time.”

Now Courtney, who has over 27, 000 followers on Instagram, feels much more healthy and energised with her new eating plan.

“Now I understand the way exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, meaning not only have I gained more muscle but I’ve gained more energy for what I do as well."

She explains: “When I’m in a rush I use protein-based tortillas as a base and make myself a delicious pizza!

“Plus, I’m a complete sweet-tooth so I love to bake myself cake and biscuits.

"All I do is replace the ingredients with healthier alternatives like almond flour so I can still have a little treat without feeling guilty.”

Courtney added: “Everyone thinks to eat well means living off grilled chicken and broccoli and I wanted to show people that you can have great meals when on a high-protein diet.”

Check out some of Courtney's delicious creations below!

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