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M&S are selling SAVOURY hot cross buns and we don't know how we feel about it

Hot cross buns with cheese in are now available are your local Marks and Spencer...

Well we never; Marks and Spencer have created a SAVOURY hot cross bun, and we really don't know how we feel about it.

Hot cross buns are one of our favourite tea time snack - fresh out the toaster and slathered with butter, you really can't beat 'em.

And we'll be honest - never, in all our lives, have we wished they were savoury.

But now that savoury hot cross buns do actually exist, well, we have to admit that they sound pretty darn good.

You can't beat a freshly buttered hot cross bun (Credit: Getty)

Talking us through this experimental treat, M&S explained: "The ‘Savoury Cheese Bun’ is made with a blend of two cheeses, juicy Turkish sultanas, onion, chives and of course the traditional hot cross bun spice mix. It is said to be the perfect pairing of fruit and cheese."

And we have to say, it sounds pretty good.

M&S have changed the hot cross bun game forever with these cheesy buns (Picture: Marks and Spencer)

But how exactly do you eat one of these savoury buns? Well, if you're feeling indulgent, M&S have the following suggestion: "They're delicious stuffed with bacon for a gourmet bacon butty."

Too much? We'll let you be the judge...

If you're brave enough to try out Marks and Spencer's savoury hot cross buns, give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think


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