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Gin lovers, rejoice! You can now get gin YOGURT!

Gin lovers, rejoice! Gin yogurt now exists, and breakfast will never be the same again…

Hands up if you love gin. Yep, pretty much all of us, right?

But the problem is, it's generally not acceptable to knock back a G&T much before 5pm (ok, fine, 4pm!).

Well now, finally, we have a solution, as Rachel's have created an organic Greek style lemon and GIN yogurt - which means it's now officially acceptable to have a gin-laced breakfast (well, sort of)!

The yogurt - which is stocked exclusively at Sainsbury's - was created to celebrate 25 years of working with the supermarket, which was the first major stockist of Rachel's yogurts in the country.

But before you stock up on a lifetime’s supply and start knocking back tubs at your desk, just a word of warning: Rachel's lemon and gin yogurt contains 0.5% organic gin - so maybe it's best left as a weekend treat.

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