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We review the weirdest Christmas crisps

One is prosecco flavoured and covered with little edible stars. Erm.

This year the supermarkets have gone a bit crazy with their crisps. Rather than the usual festive bit of snow on the packets, Tesco, M&S Kettle's and Tyrell's have gone ten steps further and created some flavours you would not expect to see in a crisp. Or, in one case, popcorn.

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We put them to the test to check if they really are as weird as they sound (spoiler: yep, most of them really are):

Tyrell's Three Bird crisps, £2.19 for a sharing pack

Like the bird-within-a-bird roast some posh/dedicated families rustle up at Christmas, now there's a crisp to go with it. Or rather, match it.

What we say:

We don't usually eat birds, so couldn't comment on whether it tasted like three of them, but it definitely tasted like a roast. It wasn't a weird flavour, but nice and Christmassy.

Review of M&S Winter berries and prosecco crisps, £2 for a sharing pack

The ultimate middle class crisp that actually have tiny little edible gold stars on them, which we are overly excited about.

What we say:

This didn't taste of prosecco at all. It was basically a berry crisp, which was weird because you don't really want a fruity flavour when you got for some crisps. And the stars were... fine but the crisps popped in my mouth and made us feel a bit ill. Had three and didn't want any more.

Review of Kettle's beef, red wine and shallot seasonal crisps, £2 for a sharing pack

Nothing better to go with a beef roast and red wine than, erm, beef roast and red wine crisps. The first of the alcoholic snacks that we are slightly terrified of trying.

What we say:

It doesn't really taste like wine, but it's really crunchy and has a nice flavour that's not too sweet or meaty. The shallots make it quite sweet, too.

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Review of Tesco prosecco and elderflower crisps

Not to be outdone, Tesco have tried to match M&S's posh crisp effort - but can they beat them on taste? Looking at the above review, it shouldn't be hard...

What we say:

This didn't taste like prosecco, either. It was quite elderflower-y but, if we're honest, we'd prefer to try a glass of prosecco and elderflower, and then eat some normal crisps. They fizzed too which might be fun as a novelty, but after a while it's a bit odd.

Review of Tyrell's Bellini cocktail popcorn, £1.79 for a 75g pack

OK so not technically crisps, but considering the alcoholic crisps above haven't really done it for us, we thought we'd pop this on the list in case it worked.

What we say:

Well it certainly tastes like a Bellini (usually a cocktail made up of prosecco and peach puree). In fact, it tastes so much like a Bellini that it's almost as if someone dropped a cocktail all over your popcorn. The first taste is a bit odd, but then if you push through it starts to get more pleasant. Again, would prefer normal popcorn every time.

So, to summarise, the Closer team salute the efforts of these companies who've given seasonal and alcoholic crisps a go, but probably won't be eating them by the bucketload over the festive season.

Basically, thanks but no thanks.


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