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The 6 new laws around smoking and cigarettes which you need to know

New smoking laws are coming in the next few weeks and lots of things are changing - so if you smoke occasionally with a glass of vino or get through a few packets a day - here is your need to know on the new legislation.

1. They will be more expensive to buy

The cheapest pack will be £8.22 as of May.

2. You won't be able to buy packs of 10 ciggarettes

So you will either need to go hard or go home.

3. Also smaller bags of tobacco containing less than 30g will be no more.

Something to be aware of...

4. Only smoke menthols? They're being 'phased out'

Apparently it's only a myth that they're better for you, according to Amanda Sandford of charity Action on Smoking and Health (Ash).

5. There will be tougher rules of cigarette packaging

It will all have to look the same - regardless of brand. The main focus, will be the images of smoking on your health (i.e. a very unhealthy lung).

6. Flavoured cigarettes are to be made illegal

Oh and flavoured tobacco.

Why are all these changes coming into place?

Basically to deter young people from starting the habit. It's also to discourage current smokers and urge them to stamp out the ciggies.


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