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Toasties just got a whole lot easier thanks to Warburtons toastie pockets

Get in!

Who doesn't like a toastie? Crisp bread with a warm, gooey, melted cheese centre? Literally, what is not to like?

But as anyone who's ever attempted using a toastie maker will know - knocking up a quick toastie can be a right faff (mainly because cleaning a toastie maker is a right pain in the backside).

But now, all of that is a thing of the past thanks to the very clever people at Warburtons.

You see they've created toastie pockets - new bready marvels specifically designed for making toasties in minutes.

Easy peasy, toasties in seconds (Credit: Warburtons)

All you do is stuff your toastie pocket - which come in brown or white - with the filling of your choice (we don't like to be bossy, but you really can't be the classic cheddar and tomato IOHO), and simply pop it directly in your toaster. Et voila! A perfect toastie with none of the mess or hassle!

Yep, lunches just got a whole lot more exciting!

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