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10 easy peasy family-friendly vegan recipes to try this Veganuary

Being vegan doesn't have to be hard work...

January is always a good time to try something new - whether it's a new look or an entire lifestyle overhaul - and one of the most popular things to change in January is your diet.

And if you're looking to eat more healthily, it could be worth giving veganism a go.

Launched in 2014, Veganuary is a charity which encourages people to go vegan for the month of January (vegan + January = Veganuary... see what they did there?).

But what does being vegan involve?

Vegans don't consume any animal products. At all. That includes dairy (so no 'normal' cheese or ice cream), eggs and even honey.

It might sound pretty extreme, but veganism has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and when done right, the vegan diet is high in nutrients and low in fat.

What's more, if you're creative, you can still eat all of your favourite dishes... just with an imaginative vegan twist!

Fancy giving Veganuary a go? Well you're in luck. We've rounded up the best family-friendly vegan recipes, which even your kids will enjoy. Check these out...

Red lentil spaghetti by Voila Vegan

Are your kids big spag bol fans? Well you can make their favourite dish totally vegan following this recipe which replaces mince with red lentils.

For more recipes by Voila Vegan, click here.

Creamy mushroom pasta by Hannah Sierp

You could be forgiven for thinking that this deliciously creamy-looking pasta dish used dairy cheese, but it really doesn't.

For more recipes by Hannah, click here.

Chocolate tarts by Healthy Eating Jo

You can still have sweet treats without dairy! These chocolate tarts will curb choccie your cravings.

For more recipes by Healthy Eating Jo, click here.

Chipotle, lemon & coriander falafel burgers by Gaz Oakley at avantgardevegan

How could you POSSIBLY make a burger vegan? Well this guy did, and they look delicious!

For more recipes by avantgardevegan, click here.

Raw vegan chocolate orange slice by The Vegan Edit

Now who doesn't love a Millionaire Shortcake Slice? Try this vegan twist on the original with a hint of orange. Mmmm.

For the recipe, click here.

Vegan alfredo pasta by littleemirose

Another creamy pasta to try from this vegan blogger - how do they do it!?

Chicken pot pie by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Ok, so it's not really chicken, but it's pretty close! If your family love a good hearty pie, try this recipe.

To buy Isa's vegan cookbook, click here.

Potato waffles by highcarbhannah

We know that potato waffles are already technically vegan (check the ingredients!), but it's what you have with them that counts, and this veggie stack looks YUM!

For more info on Hannah, click here.

Pancakes by Live Clean Kitchen

Could you live without pancakes?! If you're planning to keep up being vegan past January, this recipe will see you through to Pancake Day next month.

To try out this recipe, click here.

Pizza by This Savory Vegan

Now we KNOW we couldn't live without pizza. Although this version doesn't have cheese on, it still looks pretty tasty to us.

For more recipes by thissavoryvegan, click here.

Still not convinced? Just look how cute this vegan family are!

Interested in finding out more about being vegan? Then head over to The Vegan Society.

Are you already trying Veganuary? Share your family-friendly hints, tips and recipes with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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