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The nation's favourite pizza topping has been revealed, and it's not what anyone was expecting!

It's the news no one was anticipating: Research by YouGov has found that the most popular pizza topping in the UK is mushroom!

Yes, we know, it's really, truly, totally shocking!

According to their research, 65% of the population enjoy a mushroom atop their pizza, putting it ahead of ham (61%), peppers (60%), and the pizza classic, pepperoni (56%). The least popular toppings were both fishy options - tuna and anchovy - which were only liked by 40% of the population between them.

Can you believe that mushroom is the most popular pizza topping? (Credit: YouGov)

Talking about the results, YouGov explained: "Men are much more likely than women to like meat on their pizza... They are also much more likely to enjoy chillies and jalapenos, whilst women are noticeably more likely to enjoy spinach."

They also broke down the results by age, explaining: "The older people get the more likely they are to like having mushroom or tomato as a topping, and become less likely to want chicken, pepperoni, sweetcorn and pork on their pizza."

The UK is a nation of pizza lovers - that's for sure (Credit: Getty)

Despite mushrooms popularity, people online were shocked at the results...

But the popularity of mushrooms as a pizza topping wasn't the only shocking news YouGov unveiled.

Following the President of Iceland's comments that he would like ban pineapple on pizza, YouGov found that while the majority of Brits like pineapple and pizza separately, only 53% of people like the two together.

(Credit: YouGov)

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