EXCLUSIVE Kimberly Wyatt on fitness after pregnancy: 'I’m amazed at what my body has achieved'


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EXCLUSIVE Kimberly Wyatt on fitness after pregnancy: 'I’m amazed at what my body has achieved'

Closer speaks to former Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt about her new baby and how she juggles her fitness goals with early morning feeds

How did you keep fit during pregnancy?

I have always been fit and healthy, so it was really important to me to keep exercising during my pregnancy. I work with a brilliant personal trainer, Jane Wake, who tailored my exercise routine so I was getting the maximum benefit without exceeding my limits. I didn’t do any high intensity training, but I still did a lot of yoga and dancing (did you see me on Got to Dance?), which kept me toned and feeling strong. I also just made sure I stayed active, even just walking my dog Cupid with my husband made a difference. My body has been so used to constantly moving after 20 years of dancing, there was no way I would stop when I was pregnant!

Were you worried about losing your baby weight before giving birth?

I think this is something all new mothers worry about to some degree, and having had a caesarean I knew getting my toned stomach back would be that much harder. But I started massaging my tummy muscles very quickly after giving birth so my movements wouldn’t be too restricted when I started training again. I made sure I stayed really active and ate healthily during my pregnancy, so I didn’t feel overly worried.

One of my goals for 2015 is to get my pre-baby body back, with the help MaxiNutrition, which helps me maintain a high protein diet that is convenient for me. The reason I made my new year’s resolution or #mygoal so public was because it’s proven that you are more likely to stick to your challenge if people know about it and they can support you. I’m already feeling fit and strong but I’ve got so much more hard work to do, so help me keep on track!

Kimberly set herself a goal and made it public on Twitter
At what point did you feel you had to start working on your body again?

When Willow was first born I just wanted to spend time with her and enjoy getting to know her, and having had a caesarean I wanted to make sure I had fully healed before doing anything to strenuous. But I was doing some gentle stretching quite soon after giving birth, and I have been writing meal plans every evening, which takes the pressure off making any on the spot decisions and makes it easier to eat healthily. After the 6 week check I was ready to kick my training up a gear and get my pre-pregnancy fitness back. I’m excited and ready to get back in shape!

As a dancer and performer you’ve been slim and toned your whole life- was it hard to come to terms with gaining baby weight?

I loved watching my body change. Seeing my bump grow a little bit every day was the best feeling in the world! Being a dancer has helped me to understand the vital importance of fitness, and so as long as I saw a healthy reflection staring back at me in the mirror, then I was happy.

How do you juggle workouts with nursing a newborn?

It’s not easy, as I knew it wouldn’t be. My trainer has worked out a great regime which can fit around my lifestyle. My husband, Max, has also been incredible. I’m very lucky to have such a great support system!

Do you work out with your baby at all?

My trainer offers lots of yoga and pilates classes for new mums and their little ones, so I’m really excited to try some of those! I just know Willow will love them and it makes our bond even stronger. It’s so important to me that she’s healthy right from day one.

Kimberly with baby Willow and husband Max Rogers
Do you appreciate your body more now as a mother?

Like most new mothers, I’m amazed at what my body has achieved! I was still working out at 39 weeks, and actually managed to gain some muscle during my pregnancy. I so miss my pre-pregnancy body, but I just have to be patient and trust that I will get it back.

What’s the hardest thing and the best thing about being a new mum?

The hardest thing has been getting used to night-time feeding and the constant tiredness. But the best part has been meeting Willow and getting to know her. I am so in love with her! And the good parts far outweigh the bad.

The UK’s leading sports nutrition brand, MaxiNutrition, is supporting Kimberly Wyatt to be at her best in 2015 #MyGoal. Set your goal at www.maxinutrition.com or on Twitter via @MaxiNutrition

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