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New year, new you!

While Kendall and Gigi are constantly snapped outside their designer gyms, we spoke to an expert from online sports store MandM Direct, Tom Goode about the best way to work out on a budget


To make the workout as fun as possible, switch things up a bit with some cardio circuits or weight training. Free weights are a great addition to your home workouts and allow you to experiment with a whole new range of exercises. Don’t have the budget for expensive equipment? Try buying skipping ropes, push up grips, foam rollers and other work out accessories that don’t cost the big bucks.


There’s nothing like a good tune to get you going during your workout. Whether it’s upbeat dance for a fitness DVD or the soothing whale sounds during your YouTube yoga class, music is a must. So make sure you’re prepared with a workout playlist on your computer, phone or a classic burned CD.

If you can't afford an expensive gym membership, you can always work out at home


Designate a fitness space – or a “mini gym” - in your home for working out. Keep all your equipment in one area and ensure you have a space for your laptop, fitness DVDs or speaker. This is a great way to make working out at home more efficient and quick getting ready each time.

Create a fitness schedule in your week plan for your work out too and stick to it – no excuses!

Get online

Finding workouts online has never been so easy. Design your own regime by downloading apps or hitting up YouTube or Instagram for a huge variety of workouts of different types and intensity levels. And stick to them – don’t kid yourself by doing it half-heartedly or giving up early. It also helps to memorise a few workouts as go tos for warming up/filling time in between streams loading/buffering.

Mix it up

We all know doing the same workouts everyday can make the series you’re currently watching seem much more tempting than working out right now. So why not change your exercise plan every week? Not only will this keep you motivated, but it will help build all those other muscles you never knew you had.

Work with your partner

Doubling up makes working out better. Working out with friends provides the ultimate motivation! Plus you can have a good catch up so that the burn doesn’t feel so bad.

Choose the right shoe

MandM Direct have an impressive range of trainers including these Skechers trainers for £26.99

Footwear should be taken into consideration when working out. Make sure you’ve got something suitable that supports your foot and take time when choosing the right pair. MandM Direct have a vast selection of lightweight, breathable and supportive running trainers which will make your workouts more comfortable - and stylish too!

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