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Seven Steps to a Healthier Summer


It may feel like a 365-day battle, but summer can be the easiest season to get healthy. The weather encourages more outdoor activity, luscious, juicy fruit are in season and that swimsuit is a great deterrent from a third packet of crisps.

LloydsPharmacy want to help you look and feel your best though, which means a little more than just hitting the gym. They’re no longer only about picking up your prescription; their range of services ensure that you are well informed about your health and can get information on the go with their online services, so you can live your summer to the fullest.

1) Get your stats

Start your journey by finding out your basic health information. lloydspharmacy’s qualified staff carry out blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, type 2 diabetes and even hearing checks! Once you have a better understanding of your body, you can appropriately respond to its needs. Go to the LloydsPharmacy website to book appointments, or check the walk in times, sharpish.

2) Manage any illnesses

New medication can be daunting, so seek confidential advice from LloydsPharmacy’s specialists. They have handy tips on getting the most out of your asthma medication, or putting your best foot forward to manage diabetes. Their Perfect Prescription Service enables you to request repeat prescriptions online and receive reminders too, so you can handle all ongoing prescriptions with ease.

3) Make resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have long been forgotten, so set a new goal to enjoy a heathier, happier summer. Focus on your motivation, identify any obstacles that may occur and set a realistic time scale. Remember - don’t be too hard on yourself either; if you fall off the wagon, just get back on! You’re making progress, so don’t let one mistake spoil your efforts. Peruse through the LloydsPharmacy blog for more tips and tricks.

4) Travel wellbeing

You’ve bought your holiday outfits, you’ve booked a day trip, you’ve admired the pool… and then you spend the rest of the holiday with your head in the toilet bowl. Avoid this horror by heading to LloydsPharmacy’s Online Doctor Service for a free assessment on what jabs you may need for your travels, then pop down to one of over 700 stores to get the injection.

5) Care for your skin

With the importance of toned muscles and eating healthily, we can sometimes forget to specifically focus on our skin. Always apply sun cream - the highest sun protection factor if you have a history of sun damage, or skin cancer - and seek shade at the hottest part of the day, between 11am and 3pm. LloydsPharmacy offer free skin analyses in specific branches to measure elasticity, hydration, oil levels and skin age, so you can receive tailored skin care advice too.

6) Know your body

Our lives are constantly at 50 miles an hour; we rush to work, to pick the kids up from school, to grab the shopping, but we need to take time to be aware of our bodies and know if something is a little off. If pain is your problem, visit the free LloydsPharmacy Pain Management Service for a one-to-one consultation. They can suggest simple lifestyle, or medication, adjustments to improve the quality of your day to day life.

7) If in doubt…

… speak to a doctor. There’s nothing worse than mulling over a problem, or turning to Dr. Google and prematurely diagnosing yourself with a life threatening illness. LloydsPharmacy doctors are easily contactable via Skype, phone or on an online chat.

Visit the LloydsPharmacy website here for access to their services, or more information.

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