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REVEALED: How getting married *really* affects your drinking habits

This may surprise you...

Trading in single life for wedded bliss often means trading in Friday nights downing tequila shots with the girls for take aways and reality TV.

(Not for everyone of course, but we got to admit staying in and watching movies is a lot more appealing when you’ve got someone to do it with.)

With this is mind, it shouldn’t come as much of surprise that this new study has revealed that once we tie the knot, our weekly unit intake tends to drop.

The Swedish study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, looked at the link between marriage and risk of Alcohol Use Disorder, and found that getting hitched reduces your risk of the latter significantly.

Which is pretty depressing news for singletons.

The stats showed that married ladies had a 71 per cent lower risk of excess drinking than those without a ring on it.

Married men benefit too, with a 60 per cent lower risk of having a drinking problem.

We’re sure that the actual being single part has nothing to do with it – more just the lifestyle you lead and that lack of compromise.

When you’re single, if you fancy a night down the local, there’s only one person you need to check with – yourself. Married? Then you’ll know the term ‘compromise’ all too well.

But the researchers concluded that it’s not so much the lifestyle changes that affect how many glasses (bottles) of wine we consume week or week, but more the added pressure of someone else keeping an eye on your health.

Your betrothed will call you up when that glass of wine turns into a bottle; your girl pals won't.

It's what the researchers desrcibe as: "health-monitoring spousal interactions."

The research concludes: "The psychological and social aspects of marriage, and in particular health-monitoring spousal interactions, strongly protect against the development of alcohol use disorder."

So there you have it.

Yes, we're not too sure what to make of this either...

What do you make of this study finding?

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