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REVEALED: What REALLY makes men more reluctant to use condoms

And it's some kind of strange backhanded compliment...

It's always an awkward casual-sex situation. Things are heating up and you really don't want to be the one to say the P word (no, not that word, we're talking protection) - and somehow it's always us ladies that bring it up.

But why?

Well, according to this new study, there might be more to it than we first thought.

Researchers over at Southampton and Bristol universities have concluded that the reason some men choose to shun the latex is because they simply find their hook-up partners oh-so-attractive.

The study conductors surveyed 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 18-69 asking them to rate the attractiveness of 20 women on the scale of 1-100.

In the face-to-face interview, the pictures were followed up with a series of questions aimed at the fellas.

Such as how likely they were to have sex with the each of the women if they were single, and how willing they would be to have sex with them without a condom.

They were also previously asked to assess the likelihood of each woman having an STI, judging by how many other men out of 100 they think would copulate with the same woman.

What the line of questioning found was that despite perceived risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection, men would be willing to have sex with a woman they view as more attractive without a condom.

Co-author of the study Roger Ingham, a sexual health expert at the University of Southampton, told the Washington Post that he suspected two reasons behind the findings, reckoning one might be all down to evolution because “men want to reproduce with women they find to be more attractive".

His other theory is that young men are more eager to have intercourse with women they deem very attractive (we know, mind boggling isn't it?) hence why they are "so are willing to take more risk to acquire this status.”

Although the sample size was obviously small, the findings were fascinating nonetheless.

So next time tell them, while it's flattering they find you so attractive, there's nothing sexy about STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

What do you make of this study?

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