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REVEALED: The sexiest names in the world - is yours on the list?

You’re more likely to find love (or at least bag yourself a date!) if your name is on this list…

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare famously said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, suggesting that names have zilch power.

But, from being able to predict whether you’ll fall pregnant, to whether you’ll get engaged in 2016, it seems as if our names tell us a LOT more about ourselves than we first realised.

And now new data has been released which reveals that your name may be the key to finding love.

Dating app Happn has shared the most attractive names for four global cities - London, Barcelona, New York and Paris.

Check it out:



  1. James

  2. Richard

  3. Tom

  4. Will

  5. Sam


  1. Sarah

  2. Sophie

  3. Laura

  4. Charlotte

  5. Jessica



  1. Marc

  2. David

  3. Jordi

  4. Albert

  5. Alex


  1. Laura

  2. Marta

  3. Cristina

  4. Anna

  5. Andrea

New York


  1. Michael

  2. Matt

  3. Ben

  4. Jason

  5. Simon


  1. Amanda

  2. Nicole

  3. Jessica

  4. Alexandra

  5. Katie



  1. Louis

  2. Adrien

  3. Julien

  4. Vincent

  5. Alexandre


  1. Marie

  2. Camille

  3. Sarah

  4. Charlotte

  5. Pauline

Does your name make it onto at least one of these lists? And do you agree with the findings?

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