10 most dramatic soap moments of 2016

It's been a year to remember...

2016 has been an astounding year for soap fans. From saying our final goodbye to EastEnders matriarch Peggy Mitchell, to Emmerdale's incredible #NoReturn week that saw evil Emma Barton push husband James off a motorway bridge - EastEnders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale have pulled out all the stops.

Yes, it's been an absolute corker of a year and we've been truly gripped to our seats. And even though it’s almost impossible to pick the most jaw-dropping moments from the last 12 months, we've given it a go.

Here are the 10 most dramatic soap moments of 2016...

Kylie Platt's murder – Coronation Street

In July, Coronation Street lovebirds David and Kylie Platt planned to move away from Weathefield for a new life. But in typical soap style, fate intervened in the most shocking way when Kylie was stabbed by sneering thug Clayton and died on the cobbles in the arms of her husband.

The storyline carried on as the year progressed, as we witnessed grieving David's explosive revenge stunt on Clayton go terribly wrong.

Paul Coker's death - Eastenders

Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker's young love was 2016's version of Sonia Fowler and Jamie Mitchell. Both blissfully in love, both torn apart by a tragedy that neither of them deserved.

Viewers were left stunned when Paul and Ben were attacked by a group of homophobic thugs after a night out. And in a cruel twist that led everyone to think it was Ben that died, Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale had to head to hospital to identify the body...

Harry Reid, who plays Ben, called out Jonny Labey in an adorable social media post, and described him as a ‘true friend’.

He wrote: “True professional and a great friend. Still missing you bro but now the whole nation are. Good luck in the future because it looks promising! @jonnylabey #breakinghearts #eastenders."

Let's hope Ben Mitchell finds true happiness one day.

Farewell Peggy Mitchell – EastEnders

It was the end of an era when everyone's favourite landlady, Peggy Mitchell, returned for her last orders back in May this year.

"I will go as I have lived," promised Peggy. "Straight back, head high, like a queen."

Played by Barbara Windsor, Peggy was never going to let her cancer diagnosis defeat her, so she planned to take her own life, accompanied by her old pal/arch rivil Pat Butcher.

NoReturn week – Emmerdale

It was labelled super soap week for a reason, guys!

Emmerdale aired their biggest ever, no expense spared, epic car stunt back in October. The chain of events followed different characters on the very same day, with all of them interlinked with one and another.

The Hollywood-style car crash scenes were caused by a crazed Emma Barton pushing her already immobilised husband off a bridge onto the roof of Ashley Thomas' car.

The devastating chain of events that followed Emma's actions had an earth-shattering impact for a number of Emmerdale residents, with Aaron Dingle, Paddy Kirk, Rhona Goskirk and Ashley Thomas all fighting for their lives. James Barton didn't survive his horrific injuries and died in hospital. His wife, Emma, is yet to confess that she was responsible for his murder.

Best soap stunt efer? Quite possibly.

The demise of Nico Blake – Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks' Halloween Spooktacular saw teenage serial killer Nico Blake finally get what was coming to her, when Cameron Campbell set fire to the fairground maze in revenge for Nico almost killing his daughter Peri Lomax. Before the fire claimed Nico, her mum Sienna vowed to try and get her daughter the help she needed.

And when they both got trapped by falling debris, Sienna's boyfriend Warren Fox realised where she was and charged inside to save her – making the conscious decision to let Nico burn.

We never saw Nico's body, though, so could she still be alive and make a harrowing comeback? We wouldn't bet against it. After all, in the world of soaps, anything can happen!

Ken Barlow's stroke - Coronation Street

It's safe to say that viewers were not expecting this. During October's 'super soap week', viewers watched on in horror when Ken Barlow collapsed and suffered a stroke following an arguement with his rogue son Peter Barlow.

Ken, who's played by William Roache, made a full recovery - but not before two faces from the past returned to visit him in hospital, his son Daniel Osbourne and grandson Adam Barlow.

What a year it's been for the Barlow's!

Laurel and Ashley's wedding - Emmerdale

It was the day that Emmerdale fans were waiting for - the day Ashley and Laural tied the knot for the second time. But their wedding proved not to be the happy-ever-after we were all hoping for as Ashley's early on-set dementia took hold.

Fast forward nine months, and Ashley has forgotten who Laurel is,. But Laurel is still sticking by and caring for her beloved husband. A stark reminder of how heartbreaking and cruel dementia can be.

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