11 times we fell even more in love with Danny Dyer in 2016

How much do we love Danny? Let us count the ways.

The man, the myth and the legend that is EastEnders actor Danny Dyer has had one hell of an eventful 2016. Not only did he discover that he was blood related to William the Conqueror and King Edward III (cor blimey!), but he also kept us laughing/smiling/swooning all year long.

And even though Danny, who brings the character of Mick Carter to life four times a week, has always brightened up our lives - this year has been extra special.

Here's all the reasons why:

11. When he showed us his moves in the EastEnders version of hotline bling

After filming Mick and Linda Carter's fairytale wedding back in January, the EastEnders cast and crew took a moment to recreate the video (sort of) for Drake's smash hit. And Danny's moves were on point.

10. When he shut down even more Twitter trolls

Over the years, Danny has been embroiled in more Twitter spats than we’ve had hot dinners, and this year has been no different. Often the victim of snipes from trolls about his acting capabilities, Danny has no qualms about shutting them down once and for all. Don't mess with the Dyer, people!

9. All the times he kept us motivated with his inspiring quotes

Who needs a self-help book when you've got Danny's twitter timeline? Always trying his best to make his fans feel better, we love it when Danny dishes up some Dyer wisdom...

8. When he finally got married to the love of his life!

After 26 years, Danny finally wed his childhood sweetheart Joanne Mas in a fairytale ceremony surrounded by their family, friends... and, er, Jeremy Clarkson (who accidently crashed the big day when he checked into the hotel where the reception was being held!). Now that's a knees up we wish we'd been invited to!

7. When he visited Sierra Leone for Sport Relief

Danny proved that he's so much more than his 'hard man' image when he visited Sierra Leone for Sport Relief. Danny wasn't afraid of letting his emotions get the better of him as he met families affected by poverty, famine and malaria.

Overwhelmed by the poignancy of his trip, a teary-eyed Danny told the viewers: "At this very moment, I am embarrassed to be a human being."

6. When he stunned the nation by revealing he's a right royal geezer

When Danny signed up to BBC1's Who Do You Think You Are, we definitely didn't expect him to descend from actual royalty.

As well as a set of relatives from the working-class East End of London, researchers established a blood link with Danny and Thomas Cromwell, the influential English lawyer and statesman who was chief minister to King Henry VIII. We're still in shock tbh.

5. When he agreed to take part in spoof kids TV show Magical Fun Times With Uncle Danny on Celebrity Juice

Can this actually become a real thing? Pretty please.

4. When he gave us his best Tom Cruise impression

Always one to do his bit for charity, Danny channelled Tom Cruise in Top Gun for Children In Need.

He certainly took our breath away. Swoooooon.

3. When he possessed this woman's washing machine

Lesley Hazeldine, 48, from Knaphill, Surrey, made us all chuckle when she revealed that she thinks her washing machine’s spin cycle sounds just like the Cockney we all know and love.

What do you reckon? Do you think her washing machine is saying Danny's catchphrase 'come on then'?

2. When he gave us a glimpse of his ENORMOUS bulge

We definitely didn't expect to see this glorious sight when we tuned into our daily fix of EastEnders! Many of us quickly grabbed hold of the remote so we could rewind the moment Danny showed viewers his prized jewels.

Er, wow.

1. When he delivered his alternative Christmas speech

God Save the Dyer!

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