OMG! These characters WON’T be killed off in the Eastenders explosion

Eastenders has revealed the 23 characters who will survive the gas explosion which rocked Albert Square last night – but who is left in danger?

If you watched Eastenders last night, you’ll know that it was a pretty action-packed episode, to say the least.

Linda Carter finally decided to pack up and leave Mick Carter, Jane Beale found out that Abbie Branning was PREGNANT, and then she begun to unravel Max Branning’s evil scheme to destroy the lives of those who’d wronged him.

But the biggest shocker of the episode was the massive gas explosion during Walford in Bloom, which flung the soap into chaos…

Eastenders has already revealed that at least one character will sadly die this week, but here’s who we WON���T be saying goodbye to any time soon, if spoilers and pics from upcoming episodes are anything to go by.

The Taylor family (Bernadette, Karen, Keanu, Keegan, Riley and Chatham)

The Taylors survive the explosion (credit: BBC)

The Taylor family are at the centre of some dramatic storylines next week surrounding Bernadette's baby, plus, they're we can be pretty sure they're not going anywhere any time soon.

Shirley Carter

Shirley is spotted in future episodes (Credit: BBC)

Shirley is also involved in the Taylor's baby storyline, as she comforts Karen, so we can be sure she's not going anywhere.

Michelle and Tom

Michelle survies the explosion, and there's plenty more drama ahead for her and her suspicious love interest, Tom.

Mick and Linda Carter

Linda and Mick still have marriage issues to resolve - but where are Tina and Johnny? (Credit: BBC)

The explosion doesn't kill Mick or Linda, who are still seen dealing with their troubled marriage in upcoming episodes.

Jack Branning

Jack Branning is Linda's shoulder to cry on in upcoming episodes after she reveals a big secret to him, so we know he's sticking around.

Max Branning

Max is still plotting revenge on Walford (credit: BBC)

It's still unclear exactly what Max's evil plan is, but we can be sure he's going to stick around to follow it through, according to spoiler pics.

Denise Fox, Carmel, Shakil and Kush Kazemi, Sonia and Kim Hubbard

Kush survives the crash but its not plain sailing yet... (Credit: BBC)

The Kazemi family (plus Denise) are still alive after the explosion, but things are far from rosey for them. Apparently, Kush is set to suffer from some pretty major health issues in upcoming episodes, which all come to a head after he has an argument with Denise.

When this happens, Sonia and Kim Hubbard are seen running to Kush's aid. We won't tell you any more... but you don't want to miss this storyline.

Bex Fowler and Mr Pryce

Are the pair getting too close?! (Credit: BBC)

Bex and Mr Pryce are seen chatting in upcoming episodes, so they survive the explosion. But will they get a bit too close during their private music lessons?

Fi Browning

Much like Max, Fi survives the explosion and carries on with thier mysterious scheme. But just what is she up to?!

Whitney Carter

Has Whitney rumbled Fi? (Credit: BBC)

Whitney has been spotted in spoiler photos too. Will she be the one to catch Fi out?

WATCH: EastEnders - The Gas Explosion (4th September 2017)

So, who's left unaccounted for?

You’ll notice there are some rather big names missing from the survivors, including Stacey and Martin Fowler, Ian, Steven and Jane Beale, Johnny Carter and pretty much ALL the Mitchells. Eeeeek.

Surely they can’t be killing off any of the Eastenders originals like Stacey, Ian or Phil?!

Jane's life certainly looks at risk seeing as she's worked out Max's secret, but, mysteriously, he doesn't look like he's been rumbled in any of the upcoming episodes.

Plus, Martin and Stacey's abscence from the soap can't go un-noticed. Is their new family about to be shattered?

And obviously, we can't ignore the fact that Phil suffered a pretty nasty knock during the explosion. Will he survive to make amends with Ben and Jay?


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