Closer’s CBB columnist Nicola McLean: ‘Calum handled himself well with Perez and Nadia – he could win now’

"I genuinely felt so angry watching the aftermath of Patsy leaving and the return of, in my opinion, the most irritating Celebrity Big Brother housemate ever: Perez Hilton!

What is this man thinking? Now I know it's a TV show and a game, but I also think he is taking it way too far. He clearly likes Nadia, I don't for one minute doubt that, but with such outrageous behaviour from him she is being hung out to dry!

The tweets about her during and after last night's show were saying that she has made a bad choice in getting involved with Perez. It’s her choice to like him and be friends with him, but she must see his game! Surely?

Perez did not hold back after re-entering the house
After claiming so many times she doesn’t want to get involved with "tit for tat”, she was quick to want to know what he saw from the secret room. She then surprisingly took his word as gospel and acted so badly to a few housemates, but none more so than Calum Best…

What happened next reminded me so much of my row with Denise Welch – it's funny how people disappear when the sh*t hits the fan isn't it… Perez had told Nadia that Calum had been slagging off her food.

Nadia believed Perez without question – was she foolish to?
In fact, all Calum had said was "I want to cook something light, it's all been so heavy”. Bearing in mind this man probably wouldn't touch a Shepherd’s pie on the outside and lives in the gym!

Katie Price then agreed and said she was bloated – were they slagging off Nadia'a cooking? NO! Of course they weren’t, but Nadia believed the biggest sh*t stirrer ever and boy did she look silly!

Do you think Katie Price should have stepped in and defended Calum?
I'm confused as to why Katie Price didn't back Calum up and tell Perez and Nadia she was involved in the conversation. She has a voice in there, they all respect her and if she had said that then I believe Calum wouldn't have been subjected to such nonsense from Nadia.

Nadia was so wrong, but hats off to Calum for not losing it. I truly don't understand how he kept his cool! Although it must have been frustrating for him, it has now made him a front runner to be crowned the winner.

Calum handled himself well in the argument and Nicola thinks he could win the show now
He has shown himself to be gentlemanly, funny, polite and he’s now shown he also speaks up when he needs to.

Michelle Visage shocked me last night, she has been a favourite of mine since launch night and has been a voice of reason in the house so far.

I can't understand why she didn't say more last night. Over the last few days it's become very apparent that she wants to win and that's ok, it's a game after all, but she would have had more of a chance had she stood up to Perez and Nadia!"

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