Closer’s CBB2015 columnist Nicola McLean: ‘Alicia Douvall is an expert at being ‘entered’ by celebrities’

Welcome to Nicola McLean’s first daily Celebrity Big Brother column. The former housemate will discuss the contestants and the daily goings on in her usual straight talking manner.

I could hardly contain my excitement yesterday waiting for one of my favourite times of year: the launch of celebrity big brother – and it didn't disappoint...

First out of the famous eye was Katie Hopkins who, along with Alex Reid, probably received one of the worst reactions in the history of Celebrity Big Brother; the crowd shouted boo and 'Off, off, off!'

Katie, whose hair, makeup and dress looked absolutely stunning (yes I was shocked too) got off to great start, stating: 'I don't care if you love me or hate me. I don't like fat people, I'm not a fan of gingers and I don't like unemployed people.'

Wow! I have to say I don't like Katie - but do think she will be a fab housemate.

Nicola is confident Katie will be entertaining
Big Brother is just genius, how do they think of these things?! It was just delightful when Big Bro called Katie into the diary room and told her: 'You will become the voice of the enchanted mirror and pass judgement on the rest of the housemates. Your job will be to decide the two least entertaining celebrities.'

I couldn't think of a better person for the job! Well, apart from me…

The second contestant through the doors was actress and MILF Patsy Kensit. She is HOT and seems good fun, and I loved her poking fun out of herself. She is one of my early favourites.

Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger, was the third housemate to walk the catwalk and confidently branded himself ‘the queen of all media’.

Will Calum and Cami Li have a romance?
Now I'm not a Coronation Street fan so I didn't know Ken Morley but, at 71, he seems fun. He said he is going into the house to party! I hope he does, the Big Brother house is the best place to party. Something I clearly know…

Stunning tattooed model Cami Li was next up and what a feisty little thing she is! She is the ex-fiancé of my ex-housemate and good friend Kirk Norcross and didn't have anything good to say about him.

She also warned us she is 'cray' (I think that means crazy) and will cause some trouble in the house! I hope she doesn't disappoint…

Cami Li was followed in by Calum Best; I think if there is a romance in the house it will be Cami and Calum. They're both confident, outgoing, tattooed and gorgeous so would make a fab couple. I think Calum came across really well, he seemed a bit nervous, which I wouldn't have expected from him, but I think it will have endeared him to people.

Nicola is NOT a fan of Alicia Douvall...
So then it was Alicia Douvall's chance to go in. Well, from what she’s been saying, she's an expert at being 'entered' by celebs herself, so I think she'll do fine in the house.

She's a mess though - when she said they took her face off I'm not sure why she just didn't ask for a totally new one to be put on. I think she's a horrific example for cosmetic surgery and also a horrific example to young girls everywhere, as she is just known for having sex with a string of famous people. I think she's likely to crack on to Alexander O'Neal

Next in was Soul singer Alexander O'Neal. Not really much to say at the minute on him, but think he might find the housemates hard to live with!

Up next was TV personality Nadia Sawalha. The self-confessed Big Brother fan seemed so excited and said she she hoping for an adventure. Judging by the 'twisted fairytale ' theme, I think she will get just that!

Some eye candy for us girls was Jeremy Jackson, who has grown up a lot since his childhood days as Hobie in Baywatch. I'm glad he took off that silly coat to reveal he was wearing a vest, as he is looking FIT.

Up next it was Kavana, famed for his hit I Can Make You Feel Good! I have a bad feeling that Kavana will have a meltdown in there, but I hope he doesn’t. Watch this space, I guess...

Will Kavana be able to cope in the house?
Now one of my favourites so far. Drum roll please... Michelle Visage. Most won't know her but she is the star of RuPaul's Drag Race in America, and is fabulous. She won't take any sh*t and will definitely glam up the show. I'm excited to watch her.

To add to the glamorous ladies, next in was Ex on the Beach starlet Chloe Goodman. Everyone thinks she will have a romance with Calum, but she has a boyfriend who she is loyal to! Chloe is a fun girl and I think she will be great in the house if she stays long enough for her personality to shine through.

Last, but not least, was Keith Chegwin. He has done most shows on TV but let's see how he finds living with this lot ...

Nicola is a big fan of the fabulous Michelle
So, after watching them all enter, Katie had to decide the two least entertaining celebrities. She went for Chloe and Alexander, who are now already up for eviction (chill out Big Brother, they barely got to take their coats off!)

To wrap up an amazing launch night, Katie was informed that unless she wanted a punishment she had to re-enter the house and have a complete personality transplant: she has to be NICE to her housemates…

After reading Big Bro her riot act she backed down and seemed to be coping with being nice very well!

Are we about to see a different side to Katie? How will Chloe and Alexander cope with being up for eviction? Will Cami Li go cray? I for one cannot wait hurry up 9pm!

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