Coronation Street bosses reveal 5 MASSIVE autumn spoilers

Corrie bosses have spoken about what’s to come in autumn’s episodes, revealing several huge spoilers and how they’ll affect some of their biggest characters.

It’s going to be a dramatic few months, according to big-boss Kate Oats, who has teased some huge stories coming up, as it prepares to introduce a sixth weekly episode every Wednesday evening.

Yup, apparently, there's going to be heartbreak, injustice and one or two seriously lifechanging moments.

Nathan Curtis’ trial

Things might not be simple for Bethany Platt (Credit: ITV / Coronation Street)

While fans of Bethany Platt will be hoping that Nathan Carter is brought to justice soon, Kate has revealed the trial won’t be an easy ride.

There’s so many questions we want answering. Mainly, will Bethany actually make it to court?!

And Kate has teased the answer: ”It’s a huge deal for a girl of her age and in her position to face not one but several perpetrators of abuse and all their barristers and we still have the issue of Mel to consider.

“She has had her brain well and truly washed by Nathan. She is keen to make sure that Bethany doesn’t get to court.”

What can we expect from the double wedding?

Will Eva's revenge plot pan out? (Credit: ITV / Coronation Street)

Weddings in soap operas are never plain sailing… so a double wedding is sure to be packed with drama...

Especially knowing Eva's revenge plot - but will it pan out?!

While Kate remained tight lipped about what happened during the wedding of Aidan and Eva Price, and Johnny and Jenny Bradley, she did reveal that the fallout “will have a major impact on people’s lives and also how popular Eva is”.


Will Andy Carver ever be found?

Andy might be missing for a while longer, according to Corrie bosses (Credit: ITV / Coronation Street)

When it was revealed, last month, that Phelan had been holding Andy hostage, it was a MASSIVE moment. And ever since, fans have been wondering… will he ever be found?!

“We will play that out over autumn,” Kate said. “And will see how he deals with that problem. Will Andy see the light of day or not?”

Billy Mayhew gets a big Christmas storyline

Billy might be hiding something (Credit: ITV / Coronation Street)

Kate has also teased that Corrie’s resident Vicar, Billy Mayhew, might now be what he seems, and hinted that he’s got a big storyline brewing.

She added: “We have a very dark backstory coming up for Billy which will have another impact on another main family in the street.”

Hmmm. What could it be?

A romance between Kate Connor and Rana Nazir

It's good news for fans of Rana and Kate (Credit: ITV / Coronation Street)

This rumour has been brewing for a while, and Kate has confirmed it, although she also claimed that the romance “may take a few interesting turns.”

SO MANY SPOILERS. We cannot wait.

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