Coronation Street's Kym Marsh teases 'happy ending' for Michelle Connor with Robert Preston

Michelle Connor has been through the mill in Coronation Street recently, but actress Kym Marsh reveals her happy ending is on the way

Coronation Street viewers have been on an emotional rollercoaster with Michelle Connor recently.

Not only was her longed-for baby Ruairi stillborn, but it turns out that her husband was secretly expecting another baby - with best friend Leanne.

Everything has FINALLY all come out now, but that's no real consolation to poor Michelle who has lost literally everything.

Michelle suffered a tragic late miscarriage (Credit: ITV Pictures)

However, things could be on the up for Michelle, as actress Kym Marsh revealed last night that she may get her happy ending after all.

Speaking last night to The Sun at the TRIC Awards, the Television and Radio Industries Club, Kym said: "She went a bit off the rails for a while, we saw evil Michelle and I don't blame her, to be honest.

"What comes next is another journey for Michelle, it's a long one which you'll have to stay watching but I'm sure you'll see some happiness for her at some point.

"There could be something with Robert Preston, I think people are warming to the idea of them together."

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Kym won the Soap Personality of the Year at the TRIC Awards on Tuesday (Credit: Getty Images)

Does that mean that Michelle and Robert could end up together? We hope so, we're big fans of Robchelle... Michbert? Nah.

Kym was awarded the Soap Personality of the Year for her emotional miscarriage storyline. In her acceptance speech, she referred to her own miscarriage heartbreak, as well as that of her co-star, Simon Gregson, who plays her on-screen husband Steve.

She said: "We're absolutely delighted with the way our storyline has been received, it was obviously something very close to mine and Simon's hearts."

The emotional, hard-to-watch scenes have left viewers in tears (Credit: ITV)

She continued: "All we wanted to do was tell the story truthfully and reach out to people, to make a difference somehow and we've definitely done that.

"I'm so proud of Corrie for doing this storyline, we didn't just dip our toe in the water, we told the whole story.

"We are so proud of telling the story as it is, I think that's the great thing about soaps, it brings important issues into people's living rooms and gets people talking, it also helps to educate people on subjects they might not know about."

Kym used her platform to further educate the audience on the subject, revealing that she is an ambassador for the charity Saying Goodbye, who are campaigning for birth certificates to be issued for babies miscarried at 20 weeks, rather than the current 24.

"The whole issue about birth certificates is that it opens a can of worms, the problem being around the laws of termination and things like that, which is ground we can't break into.

"However, if we can get a national certificate for all babies born under 24 weeks, if a parent wishes to, it would be great because it means they go on a national register and people will always see that your child was here.

"We feel fairly confident about it because we don't see why we can't have it, there's no legal reason not to have it. We're hoping to get it in the next couple of years but these things take time."

She also uploaded a photo with her co-stars after her win (Credit: Twitter/ Kym Marsh)

We're behind you, Kym!

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