'Give the girl a gong!' Corrie fans praise Lucy Fallon after heartbreaking performance as Bethany Platt

Corrie fans have heaped praise on Bethany Platt actress Lucy Fallon after heartbreaking scenes last night

Coronation Street fans flooded Twitter with praise for Lucy Fallon after last night's (Wednesday) episode, which saw her open up to her friend Craig Tinker about her horrific ordeal at the hands of twisted copper, Neil. As we all know, Bethany suffered terrifying sexual abuse at the hands of her 'boyfriend', Nathan Curtis and his ring of pervy friends.

WATCH: The heartbreaking moment Bethany reaveals all to Craig

While Bethany has reported Nathan to the police, up until now, she hasn't mentioned Neil's involvement to anyone. The corrupt copper left her terrified after threatening her mum, Sarah, and baby brother Harry.

Then on Monday night, he tried to intimidate the vulnerable teen again, as he tried to persuade her to tell the police she'd made everything up, and actually enjoyed the sex parties Nathan threw.

Bethany tells Craig about the abuse (credit: ITV)

Shaken, Bethany finally revealed to Craig that his police mentor, had forced himself on her, in a horrific ordeal that lasted over an hour.

Corrie viewers flooded Twitter with praise for Lucy after the emotional scenes.

It really was heartbreaking stuff. We're totes #TeamLucy for a haul of awards!

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