Will Bethany Platt and Craig end up together? Here's what Corrie's Lucy Fallon had to say...

Lucy Fallon has opened up about Bethany Platt's future after being groomed by Nasty Nathan and sold for sex into a paedophile ring

We've all been watching on the edge of our seats behind cushions as Bethany Platt's grooming scenes descends further and further into nastiness.

The storyline, which is based on the true stories of victims of sexual abuse that Coronation Street producers spoke to, has seen Bethany finally realise that Evil/Creepy/Nasty Nathan is a no-good (insert offensive swear word here).

Bethany has been having a horrific time of late (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street)

Bethany's ordeal is far from over - especially as it turns out that horrid Neil who raped Bethany is actually a policeman - but actress Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, has revealed that her best pal Craig has been a really good friend to her.

But the question on all viewers' lips is - will they get together?

WELL. Lucy has said some VERY interesting things regarding their relationship.

Turns out that horrid Neil is a corrupt policeman (Credit: ITV Pictures)

The actress admitted that Craig has been Bethany's "rock", adding: "He's been there to support her and he hasn't judged her.

"She feels safe around Craig, he's one of the only people she feels she can talk to. Even after she made a drunken pass at him, he didn't judge and he's still visiting despite any awkwardness."

What a good lad. We knew that Craig was a good egg from day one.

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But she reveals that Craig is very perceptive, and realises that something sinister is going on with Nasty Neil - despite the fact that he is his superior at the police station.

Lucy said: "He can see how Bethany changes when Neil is around, I think he can sense her fear and discomfort, he knows something isn't right.

"He's tried to bring it up with Bethany but she doesn't want to go there and just tries to cut him off. Craig won't let it drop and she's exhausted from keeping it to herself."

Lucy revealed that Craig will eventually get to the bottom of it through sheer determination: "She feels that she can trust him and I think she just needs a friend who she can confide in. She tells him that Neil is Nathan's mate, he was at the parties. Craig's horrified as Bethany breaks down."

Bethany made a pass at Craig recently (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street)

But she added that Bethany is desperate for Craig not to do anything about the information he's uncovered: "She's terrified and she says he can't tell anyone.

"She's convinced people won't believe her but more than that she's scared about what he could do to her and her family. Neil's threats are ringing in her ears and she's desperate to stop Craig from saying anything."

But will they get together?! That's what we all really want to know!

Whilst Lucy herself doesn't know, she would love to see it happen: "I think a lot of people want to see them together but for now they're just really close friends and I think that's what Bethany needs at the moment, no complications."

EEK. We are so rooting for Bethany and Craig.

What do you think? Should Bethany and Craig end up together? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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