Is diva Eva's wedding day revenge plan about to backfire horribly in Corrie?

Bride-to-be Eva braces herself to take the ultimate wedding day revenge on Aidan in Coronation Street...

Ever since discovering her delightful fiance Aidan was hopping into bed with her bezzie mate Maria, Diva Eva has been a woman on a mission. Rather than confront the cheating love rat, she's played the waiting game and been gleefully plotting Project Revenge.

She's already faked a pregnancy, (no-one seems to have noticed her baby bump is still non-existent), been splashing her other half's cash at every opportunity and has teamed up with scheming Adam to steal his beloved factory business from under his nose.

A guilt-racked Aidan chooses the perfect moment to confess his infidelity! (credit: ITV)

This week it's the final phase of her payback as she braces herself to expose the two-timing cheat on their Big Day!

However, as is the way with Corrie weddings, things don't exactly go to plan. No! REALLY!? Guilty Aidan floors Eva by unburdening himself and admitting on the morning of their nuptials that he has been unfaithful with Maria. Seriously Aidan! Talk about terrible timing. Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva says, "Aidan never stopped loving Eva -he just fell for two women at the same time. He decides he can't walk down the aisle without admitting what he's done!"

Maria is all set to cause wedding chaos (credit: ITV)

Meanwhile crimper Maria, who has suffered enough as the worst-treated bridesmaid in the history of the universe,is also a woman on a mission. Having discovered that Eva might not actually be pregnant she's determined to gatecrash the wedding and expose her scam.

However she's stopped in her tracks by Toyah, who realises Maria is out to wreck her half-sister's day and cunningly manages to lock the fuming hairdresser into a bedroom by jamming a door up against the handle!

Toyah decides the best way to keeep the crimper out of the way is to lock her in! (credit: ITV)

Meanwhile a jittery Aiden waits nervoursly for his bride to show up. Now that he's confessed his affair will she actually make an appearance?

With her head scrambled by Aidan's confession Eva DOES decide to go ahead with the wedding and everyone breathes a sigh of relief but not for long....

Guilty groom Aidan breaks into a light sweat waiting for his bride (credit: ITV)

Despite Toyah's efforts a cunning Maria has broken free and storms into the ceremony. What is she about to tell the assembled guests?

Will Aidan and Eva say their vows before Maria storms in? (credit: ITV)

As rivals Maria and Eva go head to head in a bitter showdown the accusations are soon flying as a stunned Aidan watches on. Has Maria got another ace up her sleeve to play and is Eva's wedding day revenge plan now in tatters?

It's war as Maria does her worst! (credit: ITV)

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