It looks like Faye and Seb are set to run away together in Coronation Street...

Coronation Street star Harry Visinoni, who plays Seb Franklin, has spoken out about his relationship with Faye Windass and his upcoming storyline...

In upcoming scenes, things are set to get even more interesting for Seb and Faye's relationship when they plan to runaway together. That's not all though, as Anna Windass is set to discover that her daughter's boyfriend is living in a squalar with his two younger siblings.

Harry Visinoni, who plays Seb, has opened up about his characters relationship with Faye and admitted that although his home life isn't great, things with Faye have been great. He explained: "Obviously Seb has been keeping secrets from Faye but she is an escape for him. They are madly in love and it is a bit of forbidden love, a bit like Romeo and Juliet."


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However, things are set to take a dramatic turn in their relationship when Faye suggests that they runaway together although their plans are cut short when Seb has a change of heart.

"He has other responsibilities that Faye doesn’t know about so although it would be his dream to runaway with Faye, he can’t because of his responsibilities - he is torn."

It's not long before Seb heads back home but when he's there he bumps into Faye's mum, "Anna is the last person he wants to see!

"At that moment in time, Seb just feels like he needs to get home."

Anna is set to discover Seb's secret (Credit: ITV)

Harry continued to explain: "Seb is ashamed and embarrassed [with how he is living] and he doesn’t want Faye to know.

"No one knows this secret and he wants to keep it that way. Especially taking into consideration his relationship with Anna, she doesn’t like him, it fuels anxiety for him."

Residents on the street are unaware that Seb has been living in a squalor with his two younger siblings. Even though he has managed this far without telling Faye the truth, it hasn't been an easy ride looking after his siblings: "He is treading water, trying to keep on top of it all but it’s definitely a struggle.

"The situation could be worse, in fact the situation has been worse before so that is always hanging over him - he can’t really handle it even though he tells himself he can."

Faye plans to runaway with Seb (Credit: ITV)

Fans of Corrie are aware that in the past Seb's behaviour has been a little crazy, but Harry believes because his character "has had to be the man of the house" that the reason he acts "so aggressive to people, why he doesn’t trust people and why he has this alpha-male complex…"

Faye may not know her boyfriends secret but Anna will soon discover it, will she tell her daughter the truth? Harry has hinted that he hopes she doesn't: "Seb really wants to trust Anna but because of their history and Anna’s nature he is very wary and there is still doubt in his mind."


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