Corrie's Michelle is horrified to discover it's Will who's been stalking her

Bistro worker Michelle is appalled to discover it's her ex Will who's been stalking her in Corrie

We've always known there was something seriously creepy about Will and this week it's a terrified Michelle who discovers the truth about her ex when the penny finally drops with a very loud clatter that it's her ex who's been making her life a misery.

Architect Will may be dating Maria but it's his childhood-sweetheart Michelle he really wants nestled under his duvet.

The suit-wearing smoothy is delighted when he thinks 'Chelle has split up with her man Robert. However when he follows her in his car and discovers she's gone to visit Robert in prison he realises the "split" is fake.

Michelle decides to visit Robert in prison (credit: ITV)

Furious that he's been deceived, he places a white rose on the bonnet of Michelle's car. When an unsuspecting Michelle returns from seeing Robert and spots the bloom, she's distraught as it's the flower that symbolises her love for her little baby Ruairi who tragically died.

An upset Michelle turns to Will for comfort (credit: ITV)

Ironically it's Will the upset mum turns to for comfort and she later agrees to go back to his posh pad when he invites her back for dinner which is where things take a sinister turn. Michelle's blood runs cold when she starts looking through some of Will's things when he's out of the room and discovers a folder crammed full of photographs of her!

The Bistro worker is appalled to stumble across a hoard photographs of her that Will has stashed (credit: ITV)

A terrified Michelle suddenly realises her ex has been harbouring a creepy obsession with her and it's him who's been stalking her all along. Will she be able to get out of the house and away from controlling Will's clutches or are things about to take a more dangerous turn?

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