Could Bethany Platt's GROOMING nightmare finally be OVER in next week's Corrie?

There's finally some good news for Bethany Platt in Coronation Street when evil policeman Neil is arrested

Bethany Platt's grooming and sex abuse storyline has been the most talked about this year. But it looks like Bethany's horrific ordeal might be close to over when evil policeman Neil, who was part of the vile sex ring who abused her, is FINALLY arrested. Neil has been secretly threatening Bethany to keep his name out of it, but next week, her friend, Craig Tinker, persuades her to report him.

The police tell the Platts they have enough evidence to press charges (credit: ITV)

Brave Bethany will be seen calling the police to report the corrupt copper. The teen admits how Nathan Curtis emotionally bullied her into having sex with Neil.

Despite Neil's threats, the police take Bethany's call very seriously and assure her they will take appropriate action. Later, DC Leigh calls at the Platt's and tells them she thinks they have enough evidence to press charges.

Neil orderes Bethany to say she made everything up (credit: ITV)

Craig has told the police everything and before long Neil is hauled in front of the Chief Inspector.

Neil tries to intimidate Craig (credit: ITV)

Ben Cartwright, who plays Neil, said: "That scene in particular, from a human point of view filming it, was horrible to walk into a room and see six or seven people giving you daggers and shaking their heads and looking at you in disgust.

"It’s clear at that moment, for Neil it’s game over."

About time too, we say.

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