Dev comes to blows with Kevin in a good old fashioned Corrie showdown

Dev and Kevin argue in the street over Erica - but Anna shares some shocking information to make the shop owner reconsider

The Dev/Kevin/Anna/Erica love square has been churning away for weeks on Coronation Street now, but it's all about to come to a head in scenes due to air tonight.

Dev is planning a huge expansion to his Weatherfield empire and offers his unfaithful other half Erica the role of project manager to oversee the entire thing.

It all kicks off tonight (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street)

Erica tells her good pal Liz MacDonald that she's changed her mind about Dev and feels a lot more positive, but Liz isn't so sure.

But then when busybody Mary Taylor overhears Tim Metcalfe having it out with Kevin for cheating on Anna with Erica, what does she do?

She runs STRAIGHT over and tells him everything she's heard.

Dev is NOT happy - obviously - and he and Kevin have a showdown in the middle of the street over Erica.

Just like the good old days! It's been too long since we had a brawl on the cobbles.

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But Anna barges in and tells Dev the truth - that Erica did all the chasing and that whilst Kevin was tempted, he left her on her own in the hotel room instead of taking the bait.

We're not sure we'd stand up for Kev in that situation, to be honest.

But what will Dev do? How will the notoriously dramatic fella react?

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