Coronation Street's Kym Marsh reveals why Michelle Connor could be in danger...

Coronation Street’s Michelle Connor has only gone and got herself a stalker! In this week's Closer magazine, actress Kym Marsh, 41, tells us why her character could be in danger…

Michelle hasn't had the easiest of times in the past with men; she's had a rocky marriage with Steven MacDonald which ended after she discovered he got her BFF Leanne Battersby pregnant. Things seem to be on the up as she's now dating Robert Preston (although he doesn't have the best past) and of course, her first love Will is back on the Cobbles.

Viewers of the show are aware that Michelle has a creepy stalker but she still has no idea who he is. Now Kym Marsh has opened up about her character, Michelle Connor, being in danger...

Michelle’s first love Will is back on the scene again - why has he become so obsessed with her?

Because he’s in love with me, obviously! He’s incensed by the fact that he thought she would go to him should she ever split up with Steve McDonald. Obviously, he has harboured these very deep feelings for Michelle and is really miffed that she’s now moved on to Robert Preston.

WATCH: Steven loses it with Michelle after discovering her affair with Will...

The viewers know he’s Weird Will – why can’t Michelle spot he’s a wrong ‘un?

He’s not even on her radar. She doesn’t see any kind of weirdness in him, because he’s with Maria, and everything as far as she’s aware seems to be going quite well. She just treats him as a friend and thinks he’s being there for her and kind, but she’s potentially in danger. It’s very dramatic. Put it this way, I was shattered last week!

How do you switch off at home?

I don’t have a big party life anymore, I just go home and cuddle up on the couch with my daughter Polly. Obviously, when you’ve been filming dramatic scenes you get home and you just want to sleep, but I’ve got a six year-old going: ‘Mummy, Mummy!’ She doesn’t really care what I’ve been going through, so that lifts me out of any drama that might still be there.

Kym has admitted her character Michelle could be in potential danger (Credit: ITV)

Was moving from singing to acting a huge leap of faith?

Yeah. At the time you’re very aware that people see you as the fat one from Hear’Say, which is what I was known as at the time! Which I made my peace with, because I was never fat.

Have you made friends for life on the cobbles?

Absolutely. I still speak to Ali King (Carla Connor) very regularly; we’ll always be mates. Samia (Maria Connor) I adore, Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) I see outside work – I was on his boat with him a few weeks back. We were in Wales, me and the family, and he happened to be there, so we went out on the boat. We have fun.

Alison and Kym are friends in real life too (Credit: Getty Images)

What’s the strangest place you’ve been recognised?

Standing in front of the Mona Lisa. We were going: 'the Mona Lisa!' Then someone said: 'Can we have a photo?' Forget the Mona Lisa! That was quite bizarre.

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