Coronation Street spoilers: Five explosive storylines you won't want to miss

If it's Coronation Street spoilers you want, then it's Coronation Street spoilers we'll give you.

Prepare yourself for another exciting week in Weatherfield as the fallout from Steve and Leanne's baby drama continues. Sinead and Daniel are facing a baby drama of their own and Peter continues to play with fire with Chloe. Will that man never learn?

1. Does Peter give into temptation?

He doesn't look like he's resisting too much (credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow is in trouble next week when he puts some bolts on Chloe's doors after she complains of being pestered by her ex. Later, as he goes to leave, she tries to kiss him - will he respond? Peter is shocked later in the week when he discovers Chloe is interested in buying the pub. He tells her to back off, but you know what they say about a woman scorned. It's not long before Chloe has Ken convinced that she and Peter are having an affair AND that he's back on the bottle. And then Ken tells Toyah. Oh, KEN!

2. Ken unleashes fury on Sinead

Ken rages at poor Sinead (credit: ITV)

Ken's very busy sticking his nose in his sons' businesses this week. Not only does he interfere with Peter and Toyah, he's at it with Sinead and Daniel too. Sinead is heartbroken when she discovers Daniel has accepted a place at Oxford, but Daniel soon tells her that he loves her and plans to stay with her and their baby. Ken calls Sinead to the house and has a few stern words about her ruining Daniel's life. He then gets into a rant about how he was stuck with Deirdre and didn't reach his potential. Unfortunately, Tracy overhears all this too. Oops. Later in the week, Sinead has some devastating news.

3. Can Nick keep his secret from Leanne?

Will they reach a truce? (credit: ITV)

Nick desperately tries to persuade Michelle not to tell Leanne about their fumble, but vengeful Michelle insists that Leanne know the truth. Will he be able to stop her? Meanwhile, Nick and Leanne visit Steve at The Rovers to talk about access to Oli.

4. Anna has harsh words for Seb

Anna's not happy, is she? (credit: ITV)

Anna has some stern words for Seb when, put out by Faye being too busy to see him, he lets his temper get the better of him. Faye sees his jealousy and tries to assure him that she loves him, but Anna has seen another side to Seb. She bans Faye from seeing him anymore. She tells Seb to stay away from Faye, but he tries to apologise for his actions. Worried Anna will see them together, Faye rushes inside.

5. Amy tricks Ken

Amy pulls the wool over Ken's eyes (credit: ITV)

Proving she's a real chip off the old block (the old block being Tracy), Amy Barlow buys a cheap violin which she smashes up and convinces Ken to give her £200 to replace. Meanwhile, Tracy finds Ken's will - but can she resist the urge to look at it?

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