Coronation Street Spoilers: Five OMG moments coming up on the cobbles

Here are five absolutely cannot miss Coronation Street spoilers for next week - what's Amy Barlow up to?

The lives of the Barlows aren't looking too healthy as we head into next week on Coronation Street - Sinead and Daniel sturggle to come to terms with their loss, while Ken blames himself. Peter is discovering that mud really does stick - even when you've not actually been rolling around in it for once and Amy...hmmm...well, she's becoming a mini-Tracy. Because that's exactly what the world needs.

1. What's Amy up to?

Whatcha doin' Amy? (credit: ITV)

Amy Barlow, what can we say about this one? With the combined duplicitous genes of Tracy and Steve McDonald, it was only a matter of time before she was getting into trouble. Next week, she makes a mysterious phone call while pretending to collect something from her house. She tells the mysterious person on the other end that the money is behind the clock and it's safe to collect as everyone is watching her violin recital. What is the little madam up to? And who is the shadowy figure watching from the ginnel?

2. Peter's in turmoil

Can Peter say no to the bottle? (credit: ITV)

You've got to feel sorry for Peter at the moment.Yes, he's had his moments but he's techinically not done anything wrong this time. But Toyah and everyone for that matter have fallen for Crazy Chloe's lies. Desperate Peter pleads with her to tell the truth - but will she listen? He also sees Toyah get into Toby's car. This is the final straw for Peter, who heads to the Rovers with one thing on his mind. And it ain't a hotpot.

3. Daniel and Sinead are heartbroken

Sinead and Daniel talk about their loss (credit: ITV)

Daniel is devasted by the news that Sinead has lost the baby. He tries to talk to her about the miscarriage and suggests she sees a doctor, but Sinead is adamant that she's fine. Daniel confesses to Ken that Sinead has lost the baby and admits he feels responsible for putting her under so much pressure. Ken secretly hides his own guilt. Sinead tells Daniel that he should accept the place at Oxford now. But will he really leave her?

4. Has Todd pushed Phelan too far?

Has Todd pushed Phelan too far? (credit: ITV)

Todd sees the dark side of Phelen once more as he continues to mock him. But when he makes a joke about the spirit world, Phelan loses it and slams Todd up against the wall. Has Todd actually pricked Phelan's conscience? Phelan gets even more wound up when Ken has a pop at him about taking so long over the kitche. He reminds him that most people wouldn't give him the time of day, let alone a job. Phelan silently seethes...

5. Sally gets some devastating news

Sally is in for some bad news (credit: ITV)

Sally gets an interview on local radio promoting the masectomy bras. She talks to Radio Weatherfield about her cancer experience, while Tim and Rosie listen in with pride. But things soon take a turn for the worse when she gets home and sees her latest mammogram shows her breast cancer has returned...

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