Coronation Street Spoilers: Tragedy strikes for Billy and Todd when they meet Summer

Coronation Street's Billy and Todd finally meet Drew's daughter Summer, then tragedy strikes

Todd Grimshaw's relationship with Billy Mayhew was thrown into chaos when Billy's ex, Drew, rocked up in Weatherfield recently. Todd was initially suspicious of Drew, who seemed out to split him and Billy up. But Todd was left stunned when Drew revealed the true reason for his visit - he's dying and wants Todd and Billy to take in his daughter, Summer, after his death.

Todd and Billy discuss Summer (credit: ITV)

While Todd was initially against the idea, he began to come round after gentle persuasion from Billy. Next week the couple finally get to meet Summer for lunch - and Todd is pleasantly surprised as he finds himself warming to the little girl. Yay!

Billy meets Summer (credit: ITV)

Drew drops her off and tells the boys Summer doesn't know of his plan yet, but they are impressed with her bravery when she tells them she knows Drew has them eyed up as her guardians. And we love the idea of Todd and Billy as parents.

Billy has some sad news for Summer(credit: ITV)

Things go downhill fast when Summer overheards Todd joking about sending her to a children's home. He doesn't mean it as he's come round to the idea after meeting her, but Summer is deeply hurt. Which is pretty understandable tbh.

But before they can work out why Summer has suddenly cooled off, Billy gets a call informing him that Drew has been rushed to hospital and has died.

Will Billy and Todd be able to win Summer's trust back when she needs them the most?

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