Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster and Anna Windass to split?


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Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster and Anna Windass to split?

Nooooooooo, please no!

Viewers have seen a lot of drama play out of the cobbles. From David Platt losing it, Leanne Battersby, Michelle and Steve McDonald’s baby drama to Anna Windass’ legs being burned we sure have been entertained.

Unfortunately, Corrie fans will be disappointed to hear that Kevin Webster and Anna Windass will split.

Fans of the show saw poor Anna go through excruciating pain after David’s car crashed and her legs were set on fire. The on-screen mum-of-two to Gary and her adopted daughter Faye is currently in an induced come but eventually after she wakes up she doesn’t want her partner Kevin Webster to stay with her out of pity following the damage to her legs.

Debbie Rush, who plays Anna, admitted: "She wants him to love her not pity her and she doesn’t want him to feel he has to look after her."

And in scenes yet to air viewers will see Anna tell Kevin she doesn’t love him anymore and that their relationship is over.

But is Anna telling the truth? And how will Kevin react?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Anna Windass will have to learn to walk again

Coronation Street sure has been eventful of late.

The Platt family locked David in the Bistro cellar after discovering he planned to kill his wife Kylie Platt’s murderer Clayton and then himself. However, when he escaped he got in his car still set on going ahead with his plan but he crashed when he noticed his daughter Lily in the road.

With the help of the rest of the cobbles on the street Lily and Gary were set free but the draam wasn’t over because after the car exploded Anna Windass was set on fire after a petrol tank flew in her direction.

And now Debbie Rush, who plays Anna, has revealed the extent of her character’s injury:

“She has got full thickness burn on her legs she has to learn to walk again and learn to accept it herself, in her head she will be thinking where does this lead, how will she be, will she ever be anywhere like she was before.”

The actress also revealed that for the fire stunt - which saw her legs set alight - she did the scene herself instead of getting a stunt double. She admitted when the shows bosses asked how she felt about being set on fire: “I said, ‘yes, it’s not often you get to be James Bond in Corrie, so I will do it.’”

How brave! We loved the drama and can’t wait for more.

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Coronation Street spoilers: David escapes - but will he blow up his FAMILY in revenge? - Friday 21st October

Forget all that swearing before the watershed, David Platt’s out of the Bistro cellar and ready to carry out his suicide mission.

Teaser images from tonight’s episode of Coronation Street show David breaking out of the Bistro after being held prisoner by his own family.

Gail took matters into her own hands earlier this week after discovering videos of David saying goodbye to his children as he planned to kill Clayton Hibbs (Kylie Platt’s killer) and then himself in a devastating suicide mission.

David planned to fill a car with petrol and the drive it into the court building right next to Clayton. And this is that could still happen after David takes matters into his own hands tonight…

Fuming at his family for hindering his plans, David goes into full psycho mode and threatens to blow his ENTIRE family up if they don’t back off and let him carry out his plan…

Actor Jack P Shepherd recently told Radio Times that his actions tonight have disastrous consequences: "Let's just say that he gets the better of Gail and Nick - but it's what happens after he escapes that has huge consequences for many people."

Can anyone help David? Or will this be the end of the road?

Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Coronation Street spoilers: Maria and Caz's storyline to take a shocking twist – October 31

Poor Maria, as if Caz hasn’t put her through enough it looks like things are going to take a turn for the worse...

In a shocking turn of events - this Halloween - Maria Connor will be under suspicion after Caz Hammond disappears.

Coronation Street fans will know Caz has been making Maria’s life hell, and while Maria has been in London it seems Caz will start to spin lies about Maria to people on the cobbles.

First conniving Caz will tell Tyrone Dobbs that while Maria has been away she’s been sending her abusive text messages - and of course Tyrone believes her. It wouldn’t be the first time Maria has sent questionable texts; remember when she pretended she was Tyrone’s ex-girlfriend Kirsty and stalked him via text, all to grow closer to him?

But Caz won’t stop at Tyrone because she later leaves her ex-fiancé Kate Connor a voicemail where she explains Maria has locked her in the bathroom and she is scared for her life – which is a lie.

And when Maria returns home on Halloween she discovers her house is a wreck with broken glass, blood on the wall and the furniture turned over - and Caz is nowhere in sight.

So what has happened to Caz? What will Tyrone and Kate think? And is Caz really in trouble or does she have everyone wrapped round her finger?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor to have an ABORTION?

Steve McDonald has gotten himself into a right mess.

When he temporarily split with his wife Michelle Connor he slept with her best friend Leanne Battersby and she’s only gone and gotten pregnant.

Leanne’s partner Nick Tilsley knows that Steve is the father and has decided that he’s going to raise the baby as his own, however Steve’s wife Michelle is none the wiser and to make matters worse she is also pregnant with Steve’s child.

It recently came to light that Steve might have inherited myotonic dystrophy after his dad Jim was diagnosed with the genetic illness. Steve is worried that his unborn children with Michelle and Leanne and his 12-year-old daughter Amy (with Tracy Barlow) may develop the illness.

And now Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, has revealed after her character discovers her husband may have the genetic illness she is considering an abortion: “She’s worried that she might end up having a situation where her husband is ill and they have a child who is also ill, and she really doesn’t know if she could cope.

“It isn’t something she’s thinking about lightly,” she revealed in an interview with the Radio Times.

Kym also teased that viewers are in for so much more: “It’s exciting to be working on something which is a slow burner and has so many twists and turns in the plot.”


We really hope Steve and Michelle remain together however Kym doesn’t think her character will be able to forgive Steve: “I just don’t see how she could forgive him. Who knows what will happen in the future?

“But certainly I think the reveal of all of this could spell the end of Michelle and Steve for the time being.”

How do you think the truth will come out?

Do you think Steve and Michelle can survive this?

Coronation Street SHOCK as Ken Barlow suffers life-threatening stroke - 18th October 2016

Viewers were left devastated when they witnessed Coronation Street legend Ken Barlow collapse and suffer a heartbreaking stroke following an arguement with son Peter - putting his health and his future in jeopardy.

Could this be the end of Ken and what impact will it have on the WHOLE Barlow family?

Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt’s shocking revenge plan could have disastrous consequences - 17th October 2016

A grieving David Platt will try to pull off an explosive revenge stunt in Coronation Street all this week, as he still reels from the brutal killing of his wife, Kylie Platt.

Both Gail and Nick take matters into their own hands and plan to keep David prisoner in the Bristo cellar - but will they suceed?

Coronation Street spoilers: Rosie Webster is RETURNING

Coronation Street fans were estatic to find out that Helen Flanagan is reprising her role as Rosie Webster after a five-year break.

Viewers will remember Rosie as a ditzy brunette who had an affair with her teacher John Stape, got kidnapped by John after his life fell apart and posed as a topless model.

The 24-year-old actress uploaded a video on Instagram confirming that she's going on a short break from the ITV show, and captioned the clip: "My last day of being Sophie Webster for a short time see you in 10 weeks!!! You've been a pleasure… 13 years and counting"

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